Michael Schumacher's former teammate in 'very sad' revelation about F1 legend

Johnny Herbert has lamented the 'shame' that Schumacher hasn't been around to help mentor his son Mick.

Michael Schumacher's former teammate Johnny Herbert has opened up on the sad situation. Image: Getty
Michael Schumacher's former teammate Johnny Herbert has opened up on the sad situation. Image: Getty

Johnny Herbert, who formerly drove alongside Michael Schumacher at Benetton, has lamented the "very sad" reality that the stricken F1 legend isn't around the sport anymore. Schumacher suffered devastating head injuries in a skiing accident in the French alps in 2013, and has been hidden away from the public eye ever since.

The Ferrari legend's family are notoriously private and have provided little in the way of information and updates in the 10 years that have followed. Schumacher is a much-loved figure in Formula One, and fans are always desperate for any word about his condition.

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Speaking to this week, Herbert opened up about the "shame" that Schumacher isn't involved in F1 circles anymore and can't mentor his son Mick.

“We have lost a mega-star of our sport who gave so much enjoyment to a lot of people,” Herbert said. “It was very sad that Mick couldn’t have his dad around and it is sad that we as an F1 community don’t have him around the paddock.

“It is a shame. Everyone loses out on learning about the Michael Schumacher we never saw when he was in the cockpit.”

Michael Schumacher and Johnny Herbert, pictured here at the Japanese Grand Prix in 1995.
Michael Schumacher and Johnny Herbert at the Japanese Grand Prix in 1995. (Photo by Pascal Rondeau/Allsport/Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Mick Schumacher made his debut in F1 in 2022, but was dumped by Haas after some sub-par performances. “I think Mick Schumacher is in one of those horrible F1 situations that he probably did not impress enough when he was at Haas," Herbert said. “And because of that he is damaged. And no-one is going to talk about him.”

Mick previously said about his father: “I think dad and me, we would understand each other in a different way now. Simply because we speak a similar language – the language of motorsport.

“We would have had much more to talk about and that is where my head is most of the time, thinking that would be so cool. That would be it. I would give up everything just for that. Yes.”

Michael Schumacher's wife 'lives like a prisoner'

Earlier this year, Schumacher's former team boss Eddie Jordan revealed the stricken legend's wife Corinna lives "like a prisoner" as she fights to maintain his privacy. “This was the most horrific situation for Mick and Corinna,” Jordan told The Sun. “It’s been nearly 10 years now and Corinna has not been able to go to a party, to lunch or this or that. She’s like a prisoner because everyone would want to talk to her about Michael when she doesn’t need reminding of it every minute.”

In a previous interview with sports betting firm OLBG, Jordan revealed how Schumacher's son reached out to him and provided new details about his father's condition. "I reached out and one stage asked was it appropriate and did I think we should go and visit him," he said.

Michael Schumacher and wife Corrina, pictured here in 2004.
Michael Schumacher and wife Corrina in 2004. (Photo by Getty Images) (Getty Images via Getty Images)

"The answer was no. No visitations for anyone at that moment except the actual direct family. However, since then, young Mick Schumacher - Michael's son - has reached out to me, and he has been extraordinary.

"It touched me because I felt so much about Michael, I went out of my way to find him, give him his first chance in Spa, didn't last very long but that love for him still lasts and will always do so while I'm able to draw breaths. As far as I'm concerned, I was touched by it. And the reason I was touched by it was because it can't be easy knowing that your father is not able to be part of the family, he's there but he's not there."

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