Sports Illustrated model makes shock switch to MMA

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Mia Kang has announced she's taking up a career in Muay Thai and already has her first pro fight lined up.

The model from Hong Kong tweeted "It's on B***hes" after Sport Illustrated revealed the news on Twitter.

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Kang won the Sports Illustrated 2016 swimsuit model search and Swimsuit rookie of the year in 2017.

Image: Instagram/Sports Illustrated

The 28-year-old has reportedly been preparing for her opening fight by living with other fighters in Thailand while on a training camp.

Image: Instagram/Sports Illustrated

Kang says she discovered Muay Thai whilst on holiday.

"By throwing myself into this sport," she told People Magazine.

"I learned to love my body and respect my body, I learned how to nourish it and to treat it with respect."

She added: "I got a lot bigger, I gained muscle, I have definition, I have abs.

Image: Instagram

"I can do things with my body that I never thought I could do in terms of athleticism and fitness.

"As I developed and progressed in the sport, everything that has happened to my body, I've embraced it and welcomed it.

Image: Instagram

"The self-love and appreciation that I learned from Muay Thai coupled with booking Sports Illustrated gave me confidence."

Her fight is expected to take place in Koh Samui, Thailand, in early May.