Is this the worst corner in Bundesliga history?

Is this the worst corner in Bundesliga history?

If Max Kruse could take one thing back this week it would undoubtedly be his corner kick that may well be the Bundesliga's worst ever.

The Werder Bremen star consigned himself to the annals of sporting infamy courtesy of his hilarious mishap in the match against Hertha Berlin.

Kruse was looking to take a quick set piece with the side's locked at 1-1 late in the game and his Bremen team chasing a winning goal.

In the 29-year-old's eagerness to whip the ball into the area quickly he completely forgot about the basics, however. Like not swinging your foot into your own leg when you try to kick the ball.

The end result can only be described as an epic display of public embarrassment as Kruse slipped over and watched the ball skew off his standing leg and into touch for a goal kick.

So 1-1 it ended with Kruse forced to endure the ignominy of his corner kick horror show.