Matty Johns channels Will Ferrell as Joey feud continues

There was no way Matty Johns was going to make it easy for Joey when the pair attempted to make amends on breakfast radio.

Matty Johns and Andrew Johns.
Matty Johns couldn't resist poking the bear when his brother Andrew joined his breakfast radio show in an attempt to squash the apparent feud between the pair. Pictures: Getty Images

It appears the Johns boys are still not brothers-in-arms. It was thought Andrew and Matty Johns would officially bring their heavily publicised feud to an end on SEN Radio's Morning Glory program on Friday.

But the pair failed to kiss and make up, with Joey failing to front for the second week running. That's despite Matty offering an olive branch on the eve of the show.

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He told the Daily Telegraph: "I'm just going to leave the studio door open. "If he walks through the door at one minute to nine, then he does. If he doesn't, we will have to make do."

Matty confirmed the pair had not spoken - outside of a brief happy birthday text from him to Joey – during a two-month spat prompted by Andrew accusing his older sibling of being a Queensland fanboy.

"Put your Maroon jersey on, you should have some at home. Just because you played four games and lost four doesn’t mean you need to sh-t bag NSW," Joey told his older sibling in mid-May. "I'm sick of you (pumping up) Queensland. Keep blowing hot air up their ar*es."

Matty Johns' fuels fire as feud with Joey burns on

The Morning Glory show teased listeners throughout Friday's program, continually airing audio from the Will Ferrell HBO series Eastbound and Down. Ferrell's character Ashley Schaeffer says: "Can you feel the tension in the air right now? I know I can.

"I can feel it all the way down to my plums…getting all swollen with a light blue hue to them, fresh and juicy and ready for the picking."

But those hoping for an update on the feud were left disappointed, with Joey's name not mentioned during the three hours on-air. Matty did joke at one stage: "What is it with my family members? I'm defending family members left, right and centre."

Last week he revealed the brothers were incommunicado.

"We have a problem. It's official. Andrew Johns, my brother, is completely off me," Matty said.

"He was coming in this morning – there were rumours he might not – and I just thought the last three weeks of him not returning phone calls was laziness. Obviously not.

"The bottom line is he's off me (and) this is nothing new for me and Joey."

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