Mason Cox incident 'misrepresented' as new vision emerges amid AFL investigation

The Collingwood player has issued an apology, but new footage shows GWS were also at fault.

New footage has come to light that shows GWS were also in the wrong when Mason Cox collided with Shane Mumford. The AFL asked Collingwood for a 'please explain' and investigated the circumstances around why Cox made contact with GWS assistant coach Mumford before the Magpies and Giants clash on Saturday night.

Cox has copped backlash around the AFL world for his actions, but a new camera angle has shown that Mumford and a number of GWS players moved into the space that Cox was using for his warm-up before he had finished. The Collingwood ruckman was practicing his ball-ups with the central umpire in the centre square, and asked the official for one more before he called it a day.

Shane Mumford and the GWS players, pictured here with Mason Cox.
Shane Mumford and the GWS players actually moved into the space where Mason Cox was practicing before he was finished. Image: Fox Footy

As the umpire was giving Cox one more ball-up, Mumford and the GWS players moved into the square early and got in Cox's way. Whether Cox should have followed through and made contact with Mumford is another story, but the new details certainly paint the incident in a different light.

Interim Collingwood football boss Brendon Bolton said on Monday evening: "We have reviewed the situation and it is clear it was a period of transition in the centre circle - our rucks were completing their centre bounce practice as the GWS midfield arrived to commence their centre-circle work. Mason has acknowledged that making contact with opposition officials or players pre-game should be avoided and with our club's support, will be more aware in future."

Cox issued an apology earlier on Tuesday and explained the situation. "I apologise for the incident in our pre-game where I made contact with a GWS official. In the moment, I was solely focused on getting one more bounce in - in hindsight, I should have stopped my run-up rather than completing the drill."

Mason Cox.
Mason Cox in action for Collingwood against GWS. (Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Footage shows Mason Cox incident 'misrepresented'

The AFL has since reprimanded Cox, but didn't impose a fine or suspension. Leading commentator Gerard Whateley had earlier said the incident was "misrepresented" at first. Speaking on AFL 360, Whateley said: “This looks like and it certainly looked like on Saturday night - smart alec at its absolute highest. But it’s not really.”


Co-host Mark Robinson agreed, questioning why the AFL needed to get involved at all. GWS coach Adam Kingsley said he didn't have an issue with it.

“I don’t have a gripe with it. I didn’t see it during the game but I’ve seen replays of it,” he said. “Who would care? It’s one of those ones. Yeah he brushed Mummy and then he sort of had a bit of a laugh I think and then moved on. It didn’t really bother us.”

The incident came after a war of words between Cox and GWS, with the American labelling the Giants' home ground at Sydney Olympic Park a "showground for livestock". Giants forward Brent Daniels said after his side's 32-point win over Collingwood: "Mason likes to say things that get a bit of a headline.

"He likes the limelight, but what he did before the game I thought was really bizarre. A bit of carry on. I'd like to think we're really humble and hungry as a team. To see that wasn't a good look."

Kane Cornes said Cox had "embarrassed himself" with an underwhelming performance after the pre-game incident. The ruckman had just five disposals, two kicks and three handballs as GWS won 18.6 (114) to 11.16 (82).

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