AFL great Mark Thompson reportedly involved in 'disturbing incident'

Former AFL coach Mark Thompson has reportedly been involved in a bizarre scuffle in Melbourne's inner-west. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Former AFL coach Mark Thompson has reportedly been involved in a bizarre street fight in which he allegedly threw a man into the boot of his car.

Thompson, who coached Geelong and Essendon over a lengthy AFL career, became involved in the scuffle in the inner-western Melbourne suburb of Yarraville on Tuesday, according to a report from Channel 7’s Cassie Zervos.

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The Channel 7 report stated Thompson was ‘meeting someone he knew’, before going on to describe the resulting fight as a ‘disturbing scene’.

“Witnesses recall seeing Thompson throw a person into the boot of a car. So concerned, they called triple-0,” Zervos said in her report.

According to Zervos neither Thompson, nor the person he allegedly fought with, co-operated with or provided a statement of any kind to police who attended the scene.

No arrests were made and no charges have been laid as a result of the incident, which the Channel 7 reporter described as a ‘disturbing scene’.

Thompson later told the Herald Sun he’d had not been in a fight, but admitted to meeting with someone he claimed owed him money.

“I went to get the money and we had a bit of an argument,” he told the Herald Sun.

“We went for a drive and then I dropped him off home later, and he never came out of the boot, I know that.

“It’s overblown — I couldn’t get him in the boot, he probably wouldn’t fit in my boot.”

Thompson also denied police were involved at any stage.

Mark Thompson’s bizarre fight follows 2019 court appearances

The incident comes after Thompson was found not guilty of drug trafficking charges after a police raid on his home uncovered more than 480 ecstasy pills.

The two-time AFL premiership coach was guilty of four counts of drug possession, pertaining to the discovery of MDMA, ice, LSD and Xanax.

Thompson’s home was raided in February of 2018, with the Geelong and Essendon great denying he was dealing illicit substances.

He would admit to using drugs after the conclusion of his coaching career in 2014.