Sharapova flirts with Aussie journalist

Maria Sharapova has incited a wave of pure jealously around the male section of Australian sports journalists after openly flirting with a Triple M reporter at a press conference.

Sharapova is the most glamourous athlete on the planet. She is adored by millions, and swooned over by even more.

So when she turned her gaze on Triple M reporter Lachlan Wills and went doe-eyed in the process you could almost feel a collective sigh of pure envy simmer around the room.

Sharapova had just walked off the court after her surprise fourth-round loss to Dominika Cibulkova.

She began the interview in a relatively surly mood, as to be expected from an ultra-competitive tennis champion. She does not like to lose.

But fast forward to 1:55 mins in the above clip and watch as Wills asks his first question about how long it will take Sharapova to get over the loss and you can see her eyes almost glaze over.

She interrupts Wills and remarks, "You have so much good self esteem when you speak, it's really nice".

Wills responds with, 'so do you' and then like any good, intrepid journalist ploughs on with the question.

Sharapova stabbed every other journalist in the heart again when she then asked, "What was the question again, i was just admiring your form?"

The Russian beauty may be dating up and coming tennis star Grigor Dimitrov but it is doubtful that little irrelevant fact stopped Wills from dreaming of all the possibilities.

It is an interview that Wills will never forget, surely.