'Pathetic sportsmanship': Cricket world erupts over fresh Mankad 'disgrace'

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

The controversial ‘Mankad’ has sparked fresh uproar in the cricket community after Afghanistan affected the divisive dismissal at the Under-19 World Cup.

Afghanistan bowler Noor Ahmad dismissed Pakistan’s Mohammad Huraira when he stayed out of his crease before the ball was bowled.

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Huraira was on 64 off 76 balls on Friday before he was dismissed in controversial fashion.

Ahmad noticed Huraira leaving his crease before he bowled the ball, so quickly whipped off the bails and ran him out.

Afghanistan affected a Mankad against Pakistan. Image: ICC

While completely legal under the rules of the game, the ‘Mankad’ has always divided opinion among cricket players and fans - with many believing it is against the spirit of the game.

Some say a bowler should warn a batsman before affecting a Mankad, while others think it’s a perfectly legitimate mode of dismissal.

Jimmy Anderson leads calls for change

England legend Jimmy Anderson tweeted in response to the controversy, saying the ICC should remove the law allowing the Mankad.

“I think there are enough ways to get a batsman out involving skill (either as a bowler or fielder),” he wrote.

“I don’t think I’ve played with anyone who feels like this is a legitimate way of getting someone out.”

Fans and commentators were also up in arms.

However there were many more who believe it was a fair act considering it’s not illegal.

Afghanistan captain Farhan Zakhil later said he regretted the tactic.

"At that time, we realised let's do something different to build pressure on Pakistan," Zakhil told ESPN.

"To be honest, it was not in the spirit of the game."

Pakistan celebrate their win over Afghanistan. (Photo by Matthew Lewis-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)

However Huraira admitted he was at fault for not staying in his crease.

"I should've been in the crease, and I'll learn from the mistake. I'll ensure it isn't repeated again,” he said.

Pakistan went on to chase down Afghanistan’s total of 190 with 53 balls to spare.