Male fan arrested after vicious assault on woman

Shocking video has emerged of a male baseball fan punching a woman in the face, during an MLB match at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City.

The deplorable incident occurred in the stands during the Kansas City Royals' game against the San Francisco Giants.

TMZ shared video of the violent incident online, with amateur footage also emerging of the brutal assault.

Witnesses claim the man's vicious attack came in retaliation after he was slapped by the woman and spat on several times.

The shocking attack was filmed by onlookers. Pic: Total Pro Sports

Police ejected the pair from the stadium and arrested them on disorderly conduct charges.

The woman didn't suffer any serious injuries and declined medical attention.

"There were two people that we know of that were involved that were cited at the game," Royals' vice president of publicity Toby Cook said.

"They were both kicked out of the stadium. Now it's a police matter and there is a court date in May."

The man and woman were escorted out of the stadium. Pic: TMZ Sports

"Unfortunately we do have fights that will happen in the stands and we get the police involved immediately.

"It is rare. Most of our police-involved incidents at the stadium involve someone having too much alcohol. It just doesn’t happen very often."

Kansas City went on to win the match against San Francisco 2-0.