Making sense of Chicago Bulls trade rumors surrounding DeMar DeRozan and Herb Jones

As fans of the Chicago Bulls start to try to make sense of the trade rumors surrounding veteran Bulls wing DeMar DeRozan and New Orleans Pelicans forward Herb Jones, whether such a move is even feasible for Chicago is at the forefront of fan curiosity.

Rumbles surrounding a trade for DeRozan are starting to percolate through the media, hinting at interest from opposing ball clubs. The Pelicans, which may soon feel the pinch of a cap crunch with their roster, might be disposed to part with a player like Jones. But if they were open to making a deal with the Bulls, would Chicago need to rope in a third team for DeRozan’s salary?

The host of the “Chicago Bulls Central” podcast Haize took a close look at what a swap for Jones might look like, what is up with DeRozan as a trade candidate, Alex Caruso’s inclusion in the final pool for Team USA at the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, and more on a recent episode.

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Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire