London's opening ceremony details leaked

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Details of the London Olympics' opening ceremony have been leaked online with a slew of details about the upcoming performance signifying what is sure to be an exciting night.

Director Danny Boyle and games chief Sebastian Coe have struggled to keep details of the performance under wraps so if you, like them, want to 'save the surprise', stop reading now.

According to a report from the Huffington Post, be prepared for everything from Harry Potter to the Sex Pistols.

The ceremony's theme is inspired by a William Shakespeare play, the Tempest, which details the struggles of shipwrecked castaways and ties in with the 'Isles of Wonder' idea.

London's iconic Big Ben has been shuffled out of the spotlight to make way for a bigger, 27-ton, bell which will kick off proceedings at 9pm (4am AEST).

Actor Daniel Craig - famous for his role as James Bond - and Queen Elizabeth II are rumoured to have pre-recorded a segment inside of Buckingham Palace with suggestions that a 007 look-alike will parachute into the stadium.

Boyle has said that the ceremony will depict Britain's past, present and future with aerial photography shedding light on how the first act will play out.

Expect to see images of a meadows, livestock, a farmer ploughing his field and a cricket match followed by a second act showing the other side of the country - dark buildings, smokestacks and the River Thames.

The final act is set to tackle the regeneration of East London, where the Olympics are taking place, as well as various vignettes drawing on British history.

According to Britain's the Sunday Times, one portion of the performance will even feature characters from Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and a showdown between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

Music heard coming from the stadium ranges from the likes of The Beatles, The Who and the Sex Pistols right up to modern day artists like Dizzee Rascal and Tine Tempah.

Boyle has stressed that the ceremony is not a concert yet there are rumours of a gigantic sing-along being led by Paul McCartney to close out the show.

One final secret that is unlikely to be revealed before the show begins is the identity of the torch-bearer. For that, you'll just have to watch.

Join the conversation during the Olympics on FANGO as we bring you the pick of events over the two weeks.

There will be polls, trivia and a whole lot of chat beginning with the Olympics opening ceremony.

List of events:

Saturday, July 28, 4am: Opening ceremony

Sunday July 29, 4am: Stephanie Rice’s 400m IM, women’s 4x100m relay

Monday, July 30: Men’s freestyle 4x100m relay

Thursday, August 2, 4.30am: James Magnussen’s 100m freestyle

Monday, August 6, 3.50am: Usain Bolt and the 100m final

Wednesday, August 8, 3.50am: Sally Pearson and the 100m hurdles.

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