'One very small regret': Local footy streaker opens up

Lucas Garth has opened up on the one regret he has from his suburban football streaking display.

After a few beers at a Frankston football grand final a few weeks ago, Garth decided to remove his kit and take to the field.

The 33-year-old managed to give security the slip as he ran an entire lap of the oval, and he says he would only ever change one thing if he had the chance again.

“Yes one very small regret,” Garth said.

The “Frankston streaker” says he only has one regret. Pic: 7News

“Look I just wish it was a bit warmer.

“To be honest, that would have helped me out a lot.”

Garth says he regrets choosing the coldest part of the afternoon to pull off the stunt, but is adamant the crowd was behind him all the way.

“You should have heard the laughter, and the cheering, and the clapping,” Garth said.

“All I had was an entry strategy, there was no exit strategy.”

Garth was eventually tackled by security, and slapped with a $900 fine for his streaking efforts.

But despite receiving the hefty fee, a crowd funding page has since been set up to cover the cost of his antics.

And it’s gaining serious support.

“I think it’s up to about $500 or $550,” Garth said.

Anything Garth earns over the cost of covering his fine will reportedly be donated to a close family friend who recently lost her husband.

“They need it a lot more than I do,” he said.