Letters to Sports: Why all the fuss over the Lakers beating the Thunder?

Los Angeles, California February 29, 2024-Lakers LeBron James, left, and Anthony Davis.

Dan Woike’s irrational exuberance over the Lakers’ victory against the Thunder is embarrassing. Even the most fervent Lakers fan realizes beating the Thunder on the second night of back-to-back games is fool's gold. The reality is the Lakers remain on life support for a play-in berth.

Mark S. Roth

Playa Vista


While watching the Lakers lose to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday, I felt frustration as De'Aaron Fox carved up the Lakers' defense and Malik Monk hit open shot after open shot. But yet, I marveled at a beautiful length-of-the-court pass thrown by LeBron James that sailed just over the fingertips of a defender, was caught by Anthony Davis and resulted in a dunk. Whether the Lakers win or lose is of secondary importance. I watch basketball games to see world-class athleticism and skill. The beauty of the game presents itself regardless of whether the Lakers win or lose and regardless of whether the skill and athleticism is demonstrated by the Lakers or opponent.

Richard Raffalow

Valley Glen

Mick Cronin finally learning?

Finally a story about UCLA's Mick Cronin where he states "he shoulders all the blame for the disappointing season." Possibly a visit to the UCLA School of Psychology helped him see the light? His actions on the court this season were not something the UCLA faithful can be proud of. However, if he does accept blame like he claims; let's hope it's more for his on the court antics than for the overall "Xs & O's" he drew up. The lesson to be learned here … is to treat people (be it on the court or in day to day life) … just like the way you would want to be treated.

Richard Whorton

Studio City


Mick Cronin’s comments on taking the blame for UCLA’s come way too late. As importantly it’s Cronin who cost the Bruins the game against Utah with the technical and then calling the timeout. UCLA had been on a six-game winning streak and have not won since.

Punchline, at least three kids will soon be in the transfer portal.

Fred Wallin

Westlake Village

Angels do exist

Last week I drove to Tempe Diablo Stadium to watch a spring training Cactus League game. I did so to confirm that the Los Angeles Angels do indeed still exist, as they don’t seem to anymore when I read the L.A. Times sports section.

Steve Domier

San Marino


I wonder if and when Arte Moreno will realize that his hotshot closer, Carlos Estevez, is nothing more than an overpaid dud.

Susan Stann


$325-million tipper

I read Mike DiGiovanna's article "Yamamoto is not concerned about tipping his pitches," and then I watched Yamamoto give up five earned runs in three innings against the White Sox. Maybe Yamamoto should be concerned.

Vaughn Hardenberg


A matter of perspective

Caitlin Clark needed 130 games to eclipse Pete Maravich’s point total he accumulated in only 83 games and with no three-point basket.

Who is the real record holder?

Mike Garnet

Palm Desert

Chipper he's gone

Wow, I finally agree with Chip Kelly. I too admit I didn't want him to be at UCLA. What a classless, lazy, self-centered bum.

Allan Kandel

Los Angeles


The only thing that Ben Bolch missed in his critique of Kelly was a comment about the duplicity of Casey Wasserman and Martin Jarmond in being fans of Kelly. Rather than the Beatles, I quote the Steve Miller Band: "Take the money and run!"

Dennis Cosso


Showing empathy

There are many who use the word “woke” as a pejorative, yet would not be able to offer a definition of the term if asked. Woke means the evolution of thought to be tolerant of and empathetic to others. By providing a home for Hugo Miller on USC’s Trojan Dance Force team, they are saying that all are welcome. They are being “woke.” Seems to me that’s a good thing.

Brian Gotta

San Diego


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