Lachie Neale and wife share massive personal news after AFL champion's difficult struggle

The news comes just days after the Brisbane Lions captain was caught in a storm over a post-match kiss with Abbey Holmes.

Lachie Neale and wife Jules have revealed they're expecting their second baby, just days after the AFL star was caught in a storm over a post-match moment with Abbey Holmes. Lachie and Jules took to social media on Tuesday night to share the wonderful personal news, posting a photo of daughter Piper holding an ultrasound image.

They also posted a video of them cutting a cake to reveal they're expecting a baby boy. "And then there were four," they wrote. "We cannot wait to meet you little one!

"Feeling so incredibly blessed to be able to grow this little family. It didn’t come easily but then nothing worth having ever does. Anyone out there on their own TTC (trying to conceive) journey, sending you all the love and luck in the world."

Lachie Neale and wife Jules.
Lachie Neale and wife Jules are expecting their second child. Image: Getty

The announcement comes just days after Neale and Holmes were caught up in controversy after sharing a hug and kiss on the cheek after a post-match interview. Some questioned whether it was appropriate given the Brisbane Lions captain and Channel 7 personality were technically in the workplace.

Neale and Holmes both later responded, with former AFLW player Holmes revealing that Jules Neale had texted her to show her support and make sure she was okay. “Jules Neale even sent me a message this morning saying, 'I hope you're okay - this is ridiculous'. I'm like, 'mate, I know, Lachie’s a friend of mine.

“It’s really frustrating for me. Lachie is a good friend of mine, so that’s just something that you do – you greet your friends. Whether that’s a hug or a kiss on the cheek. The fact that this has been blown up out of proportion to the actual incident itself. It's really upsetting for me."

Neale said on Channel 9: "The fact that it's been brought up a week later is a little bit strange. I didn't really know about it until the other day. It's sort of come as a bit of a surprise."

Lachie Neale and Abbey Holmes.
Lachie Neale and Abbey Holmes were questioned over their post-match kiss. Image: Channel 7


Earlier this year, Lachie and Jules opened up on the difficulties in conceiving Piper before finally falling pregnant in 2021. “There’s so many in the same position, but no one really talks about it much,” Jules told the Courier Mail in March.

“I talk about it now because we’re out of it, but it was really hard in the moment. When you’re going through it, it’s all you can think about. It consumes you. Changes your behaviour. Talking now feels easier, because [Piper] is here, and it’s less scary.

“We tried for two-and-a-half years. If we got to three and I hadn’t fallen pregnant, we said we’d do IVF. I was on heavy medication, having regular scans, blood tests, trigger hormone shots – everything you do before IVF. There were surgeries for my endometriosis and a lot in the lead up to figure out what was wrong."

Lachie said: “Family means the world to me, not just Jules and Piper, but our parents and siblings. We are all very close, and we’re so lucky to have found an amazing friendship group. Being able to balance my lifestyle can be tricky, but I make every effort to ensure our family time is uninterrupted. We don’t let anything distract us from that time together.”