Kyren Wilson focused on World Championship amid talk of possible rival tour

Kyren Wilson believes these are “exciting times” for snooker after being contacted about joining a possible rival tour but said he has not yet made a decision on his future.

Many leading players are understood to have been approached by Far East backers about the prospect of establishing a breakaway circuit from as early as next season.

Wilson confirmed after his second-round victory over Joe O’Connor at the Crucible that he has received a firm offer to go and play in certain tournaments but said his only focus is on the World Championship at this stage.

He does feel, though, that this is an “exciting” time for the sport.

Wilson said: “Yeah (I’ve been contacted). I think a lot of the players have.

“It’s a good position for snooker. I think it shows the strength, the popularity and the demand.

“It’s something that’s probably never really been seen before and it’s very interesting and it’s obviously turning a few heads.

“I think it’s exciting times for snooker.

“I’m not on any side. My priority is to be a world champion. I want to become a world champion so I obviously want those opportunities.

Kyren Wilson is in good form
Kyren Wilson is in good form (Nigel French/PA)

“But then on the flip side, you do have to take things into account. We’ve got families to provide for and like I said, we’ve never had these opportunities before so it’s something players do need to think very carefully about.”

Although the World Snooker Tour recently relaxed its rules allowing contracted players to appear in other events provided they do not clash with its own, the scale of the prospective Far East tour appears to make committing to both impossible.

When asked if the possible breakaway is something he is thinking about, the 32-year-old said: “Not at the moment, no. I’ve come into the World Championship just fully focused on this tournament.

“What will be, will be for me. I’m very comfortable in my life, where my career’s at.

“For me it’s just a bonus to be in the position to have these opportunities.

“I wouldn’t say there’s a possibility (of Wilson quitting the WST). I haven’t really given it much time or much consideration.

“Perhaps (the breakaway) is something I’ll look at more seriously after the World Championship.”

Wilson cruised into the quarter-finals in Sheffield after winning all three frames on Monday to clinch a 13-6 victory over O’Connor.

He won a scrappy first frame, and another tight battle unfolded in the second as O’Connor looked to peg his opponent back but there was nothing he could do to stop Wilson from going 12-6 in front.

And Wilson got over the line in the next frame to secure a straightforward win.

He added: “I think I’m always a contender. I think my recent success here would suggest I’m always going to be there or thereabouts.

“I’ve heard it time and time again, especially this season, where if somebody’s beaten me they’ve come off and said ‘I know I’ve got to play well to beat him’.

“It’s going to take a good performance to beat me so obviously I’ve just got to focus on myself and just keep doing the right things.”