Kurt Capewell development at Broncos paves way for big Reece Walsh move

The Broncos are making moves to secure their young talent.

Reece Walsh reacts and Kurt Capewell looks on.
The Broncos have reportedly given Kurt Capewell (pictured right) the nod to leave ahead of his 2024 contract, in a bid to free up salary cap space for the likes of Reece Walsh (pictured left). (Getty Images)

The Broncos have appeared to accept Kurt Capewell will most likely leave ahead of next season with the deal freeing up salary cap space for the likes of Reece Walsh and Ezra Mam. Capewell reportedly met with the Warriors last weekend as he looks to secure a deal with the Broncos moving to free up salary cap space with the intention to hand Walsh a huge contract boost.

Capewell was expected to travel to the US for the opening round of the NRL, but has now been linked to a shock move to the Warriors where he would join coach Andrew Webster on a three-year deal, according to The Daily Telegraph. The 30-year-old hasn't made a decision, but is aware his position at the club is up-for-grabs after his current deal.

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The Broncos have just resigned youngsters Jordan Riki and Brendan Piakura for the upcoming seasons. And the dilemma means Capewell most likely won't be signed past his current deal that ends at the end of the 2024.

Nine News' Ben Dobbin spoke on Triple M Radio and claimed the club were ready to let the premiership winner go. However, the player was still tossing up the decision, which is reportedly a three-year deal in New Zealand. "If he goes, Brisbane will release him and let him go...he is weighing that at the moment," Dobbin said. "Does he stick out and do another year at Brisbane. Or does he take a three-year deal now and head to the New Zealand Warriors."

While Dobbin was aware the extra room in the salary cap moving forward would help the club, he also claimed the Broncos would be weaker next year without the experience of Capewell. "This is a money back in the cap that can spread. Billy Walters re-signing. Top up Ezra, top up Reece. It gives them some room," he added.

"Brisbane might get salary cap relief, but losing Capewell weakens them." The Warriors are looking to add depth to their forwards with reports Addin Fonua-Blake could be on the move. The move comes as the Broncos weigh-up Walsh's contract.

Kurt Capewell celebrates.
Kurt Capewell (pictured) could be on his way to the New Zealand Warriors. (Photo by Albert Perez/Getty Images) (Albert Perez via Getty Images)

Broncos great calls for huge Reece Walsh contract

The Broncos are desperate to keep the likes of Walsh and Mam to secure their future as premiership contenders. The 21-year-old fullback pocketed around $450,000 in 2023, while Mam was on around $250,000. The Broncos will have to find the money from somewhere to keep both under the salary cap and letting Capewell go appears to be one solution.

Reece Walsh reacts.
Reece Walsh (pictured) will most likely demand a bigger contract at the Broncos. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images) (Matt King via Getty Images)

The Broncos threw the cash at prop Payne Haas in the richest deal in the club's history. They have also re-signed representative forward Patrick Carrigan .But Walsh is quickly becoming one of the faces of the sport. And 347-game club great Corey Parker has urged the Broncos to recognise his value. No Broncos player has ever earned more than $1.1 million, but Parker believes Walsh is worth the push.

“I think they have to pay Reece Walsh a million bucks and probably more actually,” Parker told The Courier Mail. “If Payne Haas is on $1 million, Walsh has to be on at least $1.1 million. He should be the highest-paid player at the Broncos.” Parker said his marketability on and off the field for the Broncos makes the huge amount worth it for the 21-year-old.

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