KOT4Q names his random Bulls players starting five

Over the years, the Chicago Bulls have been home to a ton of great players. From Michael Jordan in the 1990s to Derrick Rose in the 2010s, the city of Chicago has had a ton of players to root for. But as is the case with every hardcore fanbase, Chicago has also been able to root for a bunch of players that outside fans may not be able to appreciate.

Every fanbase has certain players that they love who fans of other fans may not appreciate as much. These are the guys that only true Bulls fans love, as they understand what they did for the team.

YouTuber KOT4Q recently concocted a starting five of his favorite random Bulls players.

He name-dropped Nikola Mirotic, Lauri Markkanen, Jimmy Butler, Kris Dunn, Max Strus, and Luke Kornet, showing love to some of the guys he enjoyed watching over the past few seasons.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire