Khabib mocks Conor McGregor in brutal social media post

Khabib Nurmagomedov has taken aim at Conor McGregor on social media after their crazy fight at UFC 229.

When Nurmagomedov promptly hurdled over the cage and fought with McGregor’s taunting cornermen while his own teammates ambushed McGregor in the octagon, the Russian champion and his friends might have seriously damaged careers that were just about to take off.

But Khabib doesn’t seem fazed.

He took to Instagram on Monday to mock McGregor.

Khabib appeared to mock McGregor. Image: Instagram/Getty

“Friend, even now you are slowing down, I’m uncomfortable for you myself,” he said alongside a picture of himself laughing, presumably at McGregor.

“I told you that on October 6, I would say everything – or did you actually think you could beat me in there?”

He then proceeded to apologise for his post-fight rampage.

“I apologise to everyone whom I have offended in our common victory. And my sincere Fans – you are just a space. Thank you for your incredible support, I love you, yours truly – Khabib Nurmagomedov.”

The post received over 1.5 million likes in the space of two hours, with fans of both fighters commenting.

The Russian fighter then uploaded another two phots, one with the message: “I think I need new haters, otherwise I will start to like the old ones.”

While the other said: “My face when someone says that I didn’t like my jump, but I tried so hard.”

Fines and suspensions looming

Nurmagomedov’s $2-million ($A2.8 million) fight purse has been withheld, and he could face a hefty fine along with a lengthy suspension.

White said three members of Nurmagomedov’s team were detained by police, but released after McGregor refused to press charges.

White acknowledged Nurmagomedov’s lightweight title could be stripped if his actions result in a significant suspension.

“There’s going to be fines,” White said. “There’s going to be God knows what. Can these guys get visas to get back in the country?”

McGregor’s $3-million ($4.2-million) was not withheld after commission officials examined video footage and determined his side had done nothing wrong in the melee.

While Nurmagomedov brawled with McGregor’s teammate Dillon Danis outside the cage, a few men from Nurmagomedov’s camp – at least two of whom appeared to be UFC fighters, although the promotion and the commission haven’t formally identified them – climbed into the cage and confronted McGregor, who defended himself while getting sucker-punched from behind.

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