MLB: Keuchel gets no help from Astros in first loss of 2017


There was so much more to Dallas Keuchel's first loss of the MLB season – a 3-0 defeat to the Tampa Bay Rays – than Dallas Keuchel.

The Astros hit into three inning-ending double plays, they got shut out over six-plus innings by a rookie, and Houston went 0-9 with runners in scoring position on Wednesday.

Keuchel may have been handed his first loss of the year, but this loss was on the line-up, not the former Cy Young winner.

At the same time, some props have to be given to Rays starter Austin Pruitt. Even though the Astros are missing two of their most dangerous hitters in Carlos Correa and George Springer, the former Houston Cougar Pruitt still held one of the best-hitting teams in the league scoreless over more than six innings while earning his sixth win of the season.


Houston's line-up did not do a good job, but Pruitt did his with what he was given. Logan Morrison gave him a two-run lead in the first inning with his 28th home run of the season and the former never looked back.

Fortunately for the Astros, the Seattle Mariners lost, so Houston maintain their 15-game lead on the division.



New York Yankees 0-2 Detroit Tigers

San Diego Padres 2-5 Minnesota Twins

Baltimore Orioles 6-0 Kansas City Royals

Miami Marlins 7-0 Washington Nationals

Chicago Cubs 0-3 Arizona Diamondbacks

Houston Astros 0-3 Tampa Bay Rays

Colorado Rockies 5-10 New York Mets

San Francisco Giants 1-5 Oakland Athletics

Chicago White Sox 1-5 Toronto Blue Jays

Pittsburgh Pirates 2-5 Cincinnati Reds

Boston Red Sox-Cleveland Indians (postponed)

Atlanta Braves 5-3 Los Angeles Dodgers

Texas Rangers 5-1 Seattle Mariners

Milwaukee Brewers 4-5 St Louis Cardinals

Los Angeles Angels 7-0 Philadelphia Phillies



Ervin Santana's start may not have been perfect, but the value of the complete game is so overlooked in today's game that his performance Wednesday deserves its just due. Santana tossed a complete game in 110 pitches, striking out nine and allowing just two runs on four hits and a walk in the Twins' win over the Padres. This was his fifth complete game of the season. The next closest starter to that in the league this year has two.



Paul DeJong has been good for the Cardinals this season, but an 0-for-five night with four strikeouts, four men left on base and an error is less than ideal for the Cardinals, even in a win over the Brewers.



Giancarlo Stanton is far more than a man that can hit the ball a county mile. He is an athlete who was looked at by USC to play tight end and can do it all on the field and probably could have done just as much on the gridiron as well. He showed off that athleticism with the catch of the night on a Brian Goodwin fly ball to right field.



Sonny Gray was one of the biggest names to be traded at the deadline on Monday and he is set to make his Yankees debut on the road in Cleveland on Thursday. Add that to the fact that he will be facing off with Indians ace Corey Kluber. This one is a must-watch.