Kellie Finlayson delivers shock update amid terminal cancer diagnosis

The wife of Port Adelaide star Jeremy Finlayson has delivered some shock news.

Kellie Finlayson (pictured right) has delivered some uplifting news on her terminal cancer battle. (Images: Instagram)
Kellie Finlayson (pictured right) has delivered some uplifting news on her terminal cancer battle. (Images: Instagram)

Kellie Finlayson has delivered some astounding news on her terminal cancer battle after a phone call from her doctor. Finlayson, wife of Port Adelaide AFL player Jeremy Finlayson, has been documenting her battle against stage four bowel and lung cancer since 2021.

The news came after the birth of their daughter Sophie with her pain put down to pregnancy issues. The cancer was deemed terminal.

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However, in some uplifting news, Finlayson said her battle has been 'restaged' and that while her she still has terminal cancer, the treatment appears to be working in positive signs for the mother and wife.

“After all the chemotherapy I had, they did a CAT scan … all the scans and they came back with no activity,” Finlayson told The Advertiser. “What that means is that if there is cancer in there, it’s dormant which means it’s not spreading, which is obviously fantastic.

“If it means that I‘m here to see my daughter go to school for the first day or go to her 21st, that’s not something I thought I’d have three months ago.”

Finlayson said she would undergo another scan in three months to see what her future looks like. But Finlayson said the doctor admitted 'shock' when calling her for the good news.

And the hope is after a few more months of chemotherapy the cancer would be 'killed off'.

Kellie Finlayson's fight to save lives

On Channel 10's The Project, Jeremy Finlayson admitted his heartbreak when he was told of his wife's cancer. "I remember going into the club, training, and meeting people I had never seen before in my life and just breaking down and crying," he said.

"I couldn't control it. Just crying out of nowhere and they instantly just gave me a big cuddle." The Port Adelaide player talked about how he wants to give back to the club after helping him and his family throughout the incident.

"I wrapped my arms around her, and the football club wrapped there arms around me. And that's why today I want to play the best footy I can for them and pay them back," he added.

And Kellie Finlayson is using her case and social media platform to help try and save others lives by raising awareness around bowel cancer.

"It's a s**t disease and it sucks that I have to have it. But the disease itself has given me such a purpose in life to try and help save other peoples lives. For 25-34 year-old's it's the second leading killer cancer, but no one wants to talk about it."

Despite some confusion, Finlayson took to social media on Tuesday and clarified some reports to confirm she wasn't cancer free, but the latest update was a positive sign for the future.

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