'Had to Google him': Kane Cornes bites back at Mark Geyer's 'irrelevant' sledge

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter
Kane Cornes (pictured left) has hit back at Mark Geyer (pictured right) after the former NRL star slammed him for criticising Isaac Heeney. (Images: Footy SA/Triple M)

The cross-code feud between Kane Cornes and Mark Geyer is heating up after the AFL great returned fire on Wednesday.

Mark Geyer started the war of words when he labelled Cornes “irrelevant” on Tuesday evening after the former NRL hard man pointed out his “stupid” criticism of youngster Isaas Heeney.

Cornes recently savaged former Rising Star winner Heeney after he posted a video to Instagram in which he wakeboards across a dam, towed by a tinnie skippered by a mate.

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The footage divided opinions but former AFL player Kane Cornes was critical of Heeney’s high-risk antics on Footy SA.

But Geyer weighed in on the topic, on Tuesday evening, and slammed Cornes.

“It’s a dark day in the world when we bag a bloke for having a bit of fun as a pandemic takes over the world. But that’s what Kane Cornes has done,” he said.

“I don’t get it, I don’t get this at all. Why the hell would you begrudge a young bloke on his family farm having a bit of fun, not causing any trouble whatsoever, not doing anything that’s going to disrespect the Swans jersey.

“Is that what you want to be doing Kane? Do you want to be up there with him? Is that the problem?

“I can tell you now Kane Cornes it won’t bring me any closer to you son, because you are irrelevant, and you are stupid for even daring to say Isaac Heeney was stupid.

Kane Cornes fired back at Mark Geyer. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

“When I heard it I actually said is he taking the piss? Is he taking the piss with this young bloke or does he know him?”

But Cornes took exception to the “irrelevant” sledge and retaliated with one of his own on Wednesday.

“Who is he? I had to Google him, I’ve never ever heard of him before,” Cornes said on SEN SA.

“Only 180 (games)? That’s it? I’ve got 120 games on him.”

Cornes doubles down on Heeney criticism

Cornes went on to defend his criticism amid some public backlash.

“You’ve also got to understand that these players sign a contract to not to do anything like that. I’ve got nothing against Isaac Heeney. I said he’s an outstanding footballer and I’ve got a lot of time for him.

“I just think if something goes wrong, it doesn’t look good. Look at Charlie Curnow, look at Ollie Wines. I don’t want to harp on it, I just don’t think you should be doing that and putting yourself at risk of hurting yourself. I said it was stupid and I stand by the fact it was stupid.”