Will Jon Anik call UFC 400? Longtime play-by-play commentator says ‘nothing is guaranteed’

UFC play-by-play commentator Jon Anik isn’t quite sure if he wants to be the man on the call by time the next big milestone event rolls around.

Anik debuted as a UFC commentator in 2012 at UFC on FX 1. Ever since, he has firmly planted his flag as one of the best on the mic, continuing to improve over time. He will be on the call for the upcoming milestone UFC 300 event on April 13, and although he doesn’t see an end to his run as a commentator in sight, he isn’t ready to say for certain he will be around for UFC 400.

“As trite as it sounds, nothing is guaranteed,” Anik told MMA Junkie Radio. “So, I have to have that mentality, I have to have that approach. And as I’ve said repeatedly, I’m trying to create a gap between me and all the guys trying to come get my jobs. So, that’s really my focus.

“Gosh, I mean, to think about being in year 23 of doing this, eight years from now, I mean, I don’t know. I think that’s a tremendous run. I still think there are a lot of sports broadcasters, even Brad Nessler this weekend in his late 60s, still crushing it on the NCAA tournament. I just don’t know if I want to be that 55, 60-year-old guy sticking around getting the way of the young guys. At least right now, and for the indefinite future, my focus is on my craft. It is on mixed martial arts play-by-play, and trying to get better in terms of my preparation, my process and my performance for every show. … Hopefully, I can call UFC 400, but we’re just trying to make it to UFC 300 right now.”

If the UFC keeps up its current pace of events, UFC 400 will likely take place around eight years down the road. Anik, who recently re-signed with the UFC in 2022 for an undisclosed period, says his availability will depend on several factors. However, he certainly won’t need to be dragged off the mic if his performance slips.

“I feel like my inner circle is honest enough and tight enough that if I started to lose a step a little bit – and I’d probably notice it watching it back – but verbally, as soon as I start to lose some of the orating skills, I’m not going to be a corpse up there just cashing a check, trying to be up there for legacy or nostalgia,” Anik said. “I’ll be long gone.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie