'All this sh*t talking wears on a man'

Joey Riordan

UFC commentator and combat sports buff Joe Rogan has expertly broken down the mega fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

In particular, the 49-year-old explained the powerful psychological effect of McGregor's trash talk on Mayweather, who he says has never experienced anything like it before.

"On paper you would have to say Floyd has a massive advantage but all this sh*t talking wears on a man," Rogan explained during a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

"That's a different kind of sh*t talking than Floyd's ever experienced, he's got a guy telling him I can kill you. Easy.

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McGregor gets in Mayweather's face. Pic: Getty

"He's got a guy telling you if this is a real fight, you're dead. He (Mayweather) know's he's right!"

Rogan also sees a path to victory for McGregor, despite him being a huge underdog in the fight, explaining he can use his punching power and superior strength to get the upper hand.

"(Mayweather) is just a wizard when it comes to boxing, the thing is Conor's a way bigger guy, he's younger, he's way stronger," Rogan said.

"I mean physically stronger, not just in terms of punching power, he's way stronger with punching power but he's also stronger physically, if he gets a hold of Floyd and starts manipulating him...

Rogan believes McGregor has rattled Mayweather. Pic: Getty

"He (McGregor) can cover distance very quickly, and he can do so in a weird way. He can do so in a way where he might stun you. He might stun you, and he might catch you early, and he hits really (expletive) hard."

Rogan, who holds a black belt and is a four-time state champion and U.S Open champion in taekowndo, is clearly a massive fan of the Irishman in the fight, but is also full of praise for Mayweather who he accepts is a "way better boxer".

"This is a boxing match between Conor McGregor, a guy who has never really had a professional boxing match, who is a really good amateur boxer in Ireland, who is a real multiple division world champion combat sports fighter, no doubt about that. And a striker, no doubt about that," Rogan said on a previous episode of his podcast.

"But, he’s fighting one of the best boxers, if not the best boxer ever. Most likely, it’s not going to work out well for him, if you had to guess. That’s my take on it."