Jockey's brain fade seals embarrassing fate

A jockey in south-east Queensland has suffered a devastating brain fade on Tuesday, sealing an unfortunate mid-race blunder at Beaudesert.

Anthony Allen was on-board second favourite Catch Me Later in the fifth race when disaster struck.

Taking part in the 2450 metre race, Allen took an outside position at around the 1900 metre mark to launch an attack as they entered the straight.

But there was a flaw in Allen’s plan, as another entire lap to go brought his four length ‘win’ completely undone.

Jockey Anthony Allen went all out one lap earlier than needed. Pic: Twitter

“Here goes Catch Me Later, going forward swiftly, right around the outside, going up to head them all off,” said the caller.

“It’s Catch Me Later in front on the turnout of the straight, shows the way by about four lengths.

“And I reckon he’s misjudged the laps here, because he pulled a persuader, and now he’s been restrained into a centre field position.”

As the other horses had settled into their tempos for the race, the jockey was quick to realise his error when they continued on riding.

Viewers on social media were quick to point out the unfortunate blunder:

The duo regathered back in the field, but they weren’t able to recover after dishing out a finish-worthy sprint a lap too soon.

Catch Me Later finished 15 lengths off the leader, sadly in last place.