Bombshell Mayweather-McGregor 'set up' claim

A Hall of Fame boxing pundit has thrown up an explosive conspiracy theory relating to the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor mega-fight.

Mayweather narrowly defeated UFC star McGregor in their highly-anticipated boxing bout in August, a fight that is believed to have netted both men around $100 million.

But according to Jim Lampley, everything that transpired in the ring was actually a ploy to set up a rematch between the two fighters.

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The renowned sportscaster and International Boxing Hall of Famer has made the bombshell claim that Mayweather allowed McGregor to win a number of rounds to make it appear as if the fight was closer than it was, a ploy that would entice McGregor into a rematch.

Mayweather recently posted a video of himself training with a punching bag (watch above), even though he said the McGregor fight would be the last of his career.

McGregor and Mayweather to fight again? Image: Getty

The undefeated 50-0 legend came out of retirement just to fight McGregor, and many now believe he's staying unretired and preparing to fight again.

"Why else is he putting out videos of him working out?" Lampley told TMZ.

“He allowed Conor McGregor to ‘win’ three rounds. Why did the whole thing last 10 rounds, etc.? It’s all a setup.”

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Lampley reckons Mayweather will make another $150 million if he fights McGregor again, because "suckers" will be drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

“He created a marvellous scam with this whole thing," Lampley said.

Lampley. Image: Getty

"He allowed Conor to quote ‘win’ three rounds, so the whole global MMA wish community could have something to latch onto.

“I think there’s a decent chance, there’s enough suckers out there, Floyd could maybe make another $150 million.”

Lampley scoffed at the notion that Mayweather would be putting his legacy on the line by fighting McGregor again.

“There’s no risk involved for him. So we’re betting on the question, does Floyd want to make another $150 million? Why would that even be a bet?”

Meanwhile, Paulie Malignaggi recently proclaimed that talks are underway for him to fight McGregor.

Malignaggi, a two-weight world champion, retired earlier this year after defeat to Sam Eggington but he is ready to return if a bout with former sparring partner McGregor can be arranged.

The pair had a heated war of words ahead of McGregor's boxing debut against Mayweather, with Malignaggi having left the Irishman's camp in the build-up to the mega-fight in Las Vegas.

UFC star McGregor claimed to have knocked Malignaggi down during a practice session, however the American refuted those boasts.

After McGregor was beaten in the 10th round by Mayweather, Malignaggi began his quest to set up a meeting between the pair.

He was told to "join the queue" by McGregor, and it appears the American has done just that.

"I know [promoter] Al Haymon's talking to [UFC boss] Dana White. I know they're speaking, so if they want the fight they'll make it," he told

"Once I spoke to Al and Team Haymon, and they told me they wanted to make this fight, I knew that the only way this fight doesn't happen is if [McGregor] has absolutely no balls."

McGregor has hinted his next move will be a return to the octagon rather than the ring, but Malignaggi says fighting him would be the better option.

"This fight will pay him more, this fight will get him more exposure. This fight is a bigger fight than anybody else he has," Malignaggi added.

"There's no more Mayweather fight. This fight is the biggest fight there is.

"So once they told me that, I knew the only way this doesn't happen is if this guy has absolutely no balls. Which wouldn't surprise me because he has no balls."

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