Jets fume over VAR as GF replay debate heats up

Football Federation Australia (FFA) continues to come under fire over the VAR debacle in the A-League grand final, with angry fans calling for the match to be replayed.

The FFA cited a “technical failure” with the video assistant referee as the reason why Melbourne Victory’s match-winning goal was allowed to stand against the Newcastle Jets.

A post-match review by the FFA found VAR did not have access to the camera angles required to see that James Donachie was offside before Kosta Barbarouses’s struck home a ninth-minute goal that gave Victory their 1-0 win over Newcastle.

“We are extremely disappointed at this failure of the VAR technology and we understand the disappointment and frustration of the Newcastle Jets, their fans and indeed all football fans,” A-League chief Greg O’Rourke said.

Replays clearly showed Victory offside in the lead-up to the winning goal. Pic: Fox Sports

Understandably, the explanation has not gone down well with Newcastle fans or the players, with Jets stars Ronny Vargas and Daniel Georgievski voicing their disappointment with matching social media posts on Sunday evening.

“We are not making excuses because excuses are for sore losers. We are just expressing our voice so that this doesn’t happen again,” the posts read.

“If a referee makes a mistake you can accept this because we are human beings and we make mistakes. But when there is technology that can correct a human beings mistake and can use all the time it needs to correct a decision and it still manages to make a mistake and again uses excuses, this is something that a simple ‘Sorry’ just won’t do and it can not be accepted.

“Especially when that mistake can affect a lot of players careers where they possibly might not have the same opportunity again to be in the position to win a title. They should take this into consideration when they believe that that simple ‘Sorry’ can ever be accepted by any player/coach/staff/club etc.”

A petition started by Jets fans on Sunday called for the A-League decider to be replayed but the majority of fans seem to be vehemently opposed to the suggestion.

The Jets players themselves understand a replay will never happen and have accepted their fate.

“There is nothing that can be changed with the result of last night, Melbourne Victory won the title and congratulations to them,” the posts added.