Day's 5yo son shows off impressive golf skills

If five-year old Dash Day's bunker play is anything to go by, the son of Australia's best golfer, Jason Day, has a bright future in the sport.

The 2015 PGA Championship winner posted a video over the weekend showing his boy hitting a ball out of a bunker and the kid has some serious talent.

Jason can be heard in the background telling young Dash to make a small adjustment to where he's aiming the shot and the result was truly remarkable.

Dash's connection with the ball couldn't have been any sweeter and as the camera pans to follow its trajectory onto the green, we see the ball go within a metre or so of actually rolling into the cup.

The ball stops close enough to the hole to be considered a 'gimme' and an impressive up-and-down that even his dad would have been proud of.

Could Dash Day be a future PGA Tour star? Pic: Instagram

Seeing as though he's only five, Dash can be forgiven for grounding his club in the sand, particularly when the end result was so awesome.

It's not the first time we've seen young Day in action, with footage of his homage to Happy Gilmore creating headlines last year.

Dash isn't the only child prodigy of an Aussie sporting star that we've seen recently, with video showing Lleyton Hewitt's son Cruz demonstrating some impressive tennis skills.