Jamahal Hill offers curious perspective of UFC 300 KO sequence vs. Alex Pereira after referee intervention

Jamahal Hill has opened up about what happened in the UFC 300 main event against Alex Pereira.

The former UFC champ’s bid to recapture light heavyweight gold was abruptly ended by a left hook and follow-up punches by Pereira (10-2 MMA, 7-1 UFC) at 3:14 of Round 1. Most online praised the ending sequence, but other voices later criticized the moment.

Hill (12-2 MMA, 6-2 UFC) clipped Pereira along the cup with a kick, prompting referee Herb Dean to step in to pause the fight. Pereira calmly put his and out, as to tell Dean that he was good to continue, and did not want a break. Dean stepped away, and the fight continued. The knockout sequence began with the very next punch from Pereira.

The former champ believes he was landing well and finding openings on Pereira until that moment in the fight occurred.

“I’ve seen some of the controversy and people speaking on the stoppage and things like that with Herb after I kicked Alex in the hip, and it appeared to be a low blow,” Hill said in a video on his YouTube channel. “I’m just going to say, just protect yourself at all times.

“My feelings on it, honestly, just really don’t matter just for the simple fact a lot of people didn’t like how I sold the fight. They didn’t like the build up to the fight. They don’t like me personally. It’s irrelevant, just take it as a lesson learned and just grow from it from there. Just understand that it’s ‘protect yourself at all times,’ and pay attention and stay focused at all times. Even through anything. Even through commands and through gamesmanship at that.”

Part of the moment’s criticism was the notion that Hill may not have been ready to continue fighting after Pereira waved Dean off. However, Hill threw the first punch that was countered by Pereira, ultimately leading to the finishing after a few follow-up punches on the canvas.

Despite the knockout loss, Hill has been booked for a quick turnaround to compete at International Fight Week’s UFC 303 against Khalil Rountree on June 29. The matchup is a big opportunity for Rountree, who is on a five-fight winning streak with four stoppages.

Much like before the fight against Pereira, where many had questions about Hill’s return from a ruptured Achilles, he will now enter another fight with questions looming, but this time about returning so quickly after a vicious knockout by the hands of one of the hardest hitters in the game.

Hill claims he took no damage from the fight against Pereira and will be ready to go against Rountree.

“I took no damage,” Hill said. “Most of the fall was me falling down. I remember everything. I remember looking up, seeing his legs. I remember him coming in, trying to block, trying to reach for the underhook. He was able to land some shots and kind of throw my equilibrium off on the other side, but I was coherent the whole time throughout, for the most part.

“So, I take this on. We moving forward. I’m a go, I’m going to put it on this next guy, Khalil Rountree. He has to feel it. He’s going to have to feel everything that the frustrations and whatever I feel from what happened last week. I’m right back at it. I want Alex. I want that fight again.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie