'Should be embarrassed': Tommy Fury savaged over 'pathetic' farce

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Tommy Fury, pictured here in action against Anthony Taylor.
Tommy Fury was savaged for his performance against Anthony Taylor. Image: Twitter

Tommy Fury has been savaged over a lacklustre performance on the undercard of Jake Paul's boxing bout with Tyron Woodley.

The brother of boxing champion Tyson Fury, Tommy kept his undefeated boxing record in tact with a unanimous points decision victory over MMA fighter Anthony Taylor.

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The two competed in a cruiserweight contest over four rounds on Sunday in a bout that left much to be desired.

ESPN’s Ariel Helwani said Fury - more known for his appearance on Love Island than his boxing - has dropped down the pecking order after failing to score a stoppage over Taylor.

Fellow analyst Dan Rafael tweeted: "Anyone who suffered through that pathetic Tommy Fury-Anthony Taylor fight deserves some of their PPV money back. 

"There's bad and then there's that dreck."

UFC great Daniel Cormier tweeted: "Honest opinion of Tommy Fury. Wasn’t very good! 

"Looks the part, but can tell he is still very raw. This performance makes his chances to fight Paul better. 

"He isn’t very scary, maybe he will be but not as of now."

Fans were also quick to pan Fury over the disappointing display.

Tommy Fury calls out Jake Paul after victory

Still, Fury thought he'd done enough to call out Paul after the fight.

“Jake Paul should have an easy night then so he’s got no excuses on not taking the fight,” Fury said after his win. 

“Let’s get it on Jake Paul. I have done my bit, you do your bit right tonight, and we’ll get it on.

“It should be easy like I said I just went four rounds with his sparring partner, jump in the ring, it should be no test at all.”

Tommy Fury, pictured here at the weigh-in prior to his fight with Anthony Taylor.
Tommy Fury at the weigh-in prior to his fight with Anthony Taylor. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Fury is now 7-0 in his professional boxing career with four knockouts. 

The 22-year-old is trying to follow in his brother's footsteps after his foray into reality TV.

Taylor entered the contest with only one professional boxing bout under his belt, a loss via knockout.

He currently holds a five-fight winning streak in MMA, last beating Chris Avila in Bellator in early 2020.

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