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Jaden Rashada's lawsuit & private capital funding college football

On today's episode, Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger and SI's Pat Forde start off the show with a recap of current Georgia quarterback Jaden Rashada's lawsuit against Florida head coach Billy Napier and Florida collectives. They discuss the implications of the lawsuit, and how it will impact future NIL guardrails.

After, they react to the release of the Big Ten's revenue and how they overtook the SEC as the highest earning conference. Wetzel ties this in with the latest on small conferences fighting having to foot part of the bill for the House case settlement.

They shift their focus to a recent article by Dellenger about the potential for private capital funding college football programs and athletic departments. They cover the misconception of how the general public is perceiving the use of private funds to stimulate growth.

To wrap the show, Wetzel shares the story of a man in Nebraska who trashed a brand new DMV office by throwing fish and carrots in the facility.

(0:45) Jaden Rashada's Lawsuit

(27:03) Revenue for big conferences

(48:32) Private capital funding college football

(1:09:26) People's Court: A fishy situation

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