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IST Quarterfinals Wrap-Up: LeBron steals one from Suns, Bucks are too much for Knicks

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Vincent Goodwill, along with Producer John, talks through the Lakers’ close (and controversial) win over the Suns before discussing how the Bucks dominated the Knicks to advance in the NBA In-Season Tournament.

On this episode of the Good Word podcast, Vincent Goodwill recaps the action from Tuesday night, starting with the controversial timeout call that helped the Los Angeles Lakers advance past the Phoenix Suns to the Semifinal round in Las Vegas.

The Suns are probably the better regular season team, and Kevin Durant is probably the better player at this point in their careers, but LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are big and physical and that is a difficult thing to deal with in a playoff-like environment. Should they be the favorites to win it all? Kevin Durant seems to think so.

Vince then discusses the Milwaukee Bucks, who put a beatdown on the New York Knicks and maybe sent a message to the rest of the league about where they should be ranked amongst the best teams. If their offense can be this good, and Giannis can be the 2nd or 3rd best offensive player, they are going to be a nightmare to face come playoff time.

Vince and Producer John discuss, on the back of that game, why NBA defense is down so much this season and if it will bounce back soon. Vince then talks a little bit about the Pacers/Bucks game we’ll see on Thursday, a game that should have plenty of offense and minimal defense, before praising the In-Season Tournament for getting the players to play hard.

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