Ravi Ashwin fires back after 'disgraceful' Shane Warne swipe

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Ravi Ashwin and Shane Warne, pictured here on the cricket field.
Ravi Ashwin has hit back at Shane Warne and co. Image: Getty

Ravi Ashwin has hit back at his critics after sparking controversy around the 'spirit of cricket' in the IPL.

The Indian spinner was labelled "disgraceful" by Australian legend Shane Warne on Wednesday for taking an extra run after a fielder's throw ricocheted off his Delhi Capitals batting partner Rishabh Pant.

An unwritten rule in cricket says you shouldn't run if a throw from a fielder bounces off one of the batsmen, however there are no laws against it.

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Ashwin broke the unwritten rule in a match against Kolkata Knightriders, sparking anger from his opponents as well as fans and commentators.

“The world shouldn’t be divided on this topic and Ashwin,” Warne tweeted.

“It’s pretty simple - it’s disgraceful and should never happen.

“Why does Ashwin have to be that guy again? I think Eoin Morgan had every right to nail him!”

Ashwin exchanged heated words with Kolkata captain Morgan and bowler Tim Southee and had to be led away from the confrontation.

The Test bowler has now hit back at his critics to defend his actions.

"I turned to run the moment I saw the fielder throw and didn't know the ball had hit Rishabh," Ashwin wrote on Twitter.

"Will I run if I see it? Of course I will and I am allowed to," he added, insisting there was no "disgrace".

"Did I fight? No, I stood up for myself and that's what my teachers and parents taught me to do and please teach your children to stand up for themselves.

"In Morgan or Southee's world of cricket they can choose and stick to what they believe is right or wrong but do not have the right to take a moral high ground and use words that are derogatory.

"What's even more surprising is the fact that people are discussing this and also trying to talk about who is the good and bad person here."

Ravi Ashwin at centre of more controversy in IPL

Ashwin is no stranger to controversy surrounding the 'spirit of the game'.

Two years ago in the IPL, Ashwin controversially ran out Jos Buttler at the non-striker's while the batsman was backing up.

While completely legitimate under ICC laws, the so-called 'Mankad' dismissal is widely despised and considered unsportsmanlike.

Ashwin's latest brush with controversy was heavily debated on social media.

Delhi co-owner Parth Jindal recalled the 2019 World Cup final when England were awarded four runs after Martin Guptill's throw bounced off Ben Stokes' bat and went to the boundary.

Eoin Morgan and Ravi Ashwin, pictured here exchanging words after the controversial incident in the IPL.
Eoin Morgan and Ravi Ashwin exchanged words after the controversial incident. Image: IPL

"So when the ball ricochets off Ben Stokes for four additional runs which single handedly allows England to win the 50 over World Cup there are no issues?" Jindal tweeted, calling the criticism of Ashwin "hypocrisy at its best".

Stokes later revealed that he had asked umpires not to award the four extra runs, however their hands were tied because the ball had hit the boundary and automatically counted.

Delhi captain Pant said the run was in the "spirit of the game" and described the incident as "part and parcel" of cricket.

Kolkata wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik, who intervened to cool tempers, also weighed in.

"I do not think Morgan appreciates that he is someone when the ball hits the batter, he expects them not to run because of the spirit of cricket," Karthik said.

"It is a very grey area, a very interesting topic. I have my own opinion on it, but I can just say I am happy to play peacemaker."

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