India vs Pakistan LIVE! T20 World Cup result, match stream and latest updates today

India vs Pakistan LIVE! T20 World Cup result, match stream and latest updates today

India vs Pakistan LIVE!

India are celebrating beating Pakistan in Sunday’s massive T20 World Cup showdown in New York. Rahul Dravid’s tournament favourites triumphed by six runs in a low-scoring thriller at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium on Long Island, where 34,000 fans witnessed the biggest game of the group stage and most eagerly-anticipated anywhere in world sport.

After multiple rain delays, Pakistan won the toss and chose to bowl first, removing both influential openers Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma early. Rishabh Pant then starred with the bat for India as the likes of Axar Patel also helped to steady the ship, until their fierce rivals took control again with brilliant bursts from Haris Rauf, Mohammad Amir and Naseem Shah.

Mohammad Rizwan looked to have Pakistan on course for a successful no-frills chase to bounce back emphatically from their major upset by co-hosts the USA on Thursday, only for India to fight back with Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah and Arshdeep Singh all among the wickets to make it two wins from two. Follow India vs Pakistan reaction at the T20 World Cup live below!

India vs Pakistan latest news

  • India beat Pakistan by six runs in low-scoring thriller

  • India post modest total of 119 after fightback

  • Rain causes multiple delays in New York

  • Pakistan win toss and bowl first

20:45 , George Flood

The lowest total that Pakistan have ever failed to chase in the T20 World Cup.Another huge, huge blow after their shock loss to co-hosts the USA earlier this week.

For India, it’s two wins from two and the Super 8s surely beckon for the tournament favourites with the USA and Canada up next.

Pakistan have Canada and Ireland to come in that order, with victories in both of those games essential... and it still might not be enough.


India beat Pakistan by six runs in New York

20:40 , George Flood

It’s fired down the ground but no chance of any bizarre late twist in New York.

Pakistan finish on 113-7.


20:39 , George Flood

A huge shot from Naseem... will it carry all the way for six?!

No, it’s four! Heartbreaking for Pakistan.

India home safe as Pakistan need eight off the final delivery of the match.

20:38 , George Flood

Singles won’t help Pakistan now as Naseem Shah gets off the mark to make it 17 off four needed.

An extra before a nice little scoop behind from Naseem goes away for four.

Pakistan need back-to-back sixes here...

WICKET! Imad Wasim (15) - caught by Rishabh Pant, bowled by Arshdeep Singh

20:36 , George Flood

Brilliant keeping from Rishabh Pant and Imad is gone following a review!

18 off five needed for Pakistan as Naseem Shah comes in at No9.

Surely this is in the bag for India now...

20:33 , George Flood

In comes Shaheen Afridi as Pakistan need 18 from this final over!

Can they do it?!

WICKET! Iftikhar Ahmed (6) - caught by Arshdeep Singh, bowled by Jasprit Bumrah (Pakistan 102-6 after 19 overs)

20:33 , George Flood

A single from Imad brings up Pakistan’s century, before a very well-positioned bouncer from Bumrah then produces a vital dot ball.

Another follows to make it 20 off 9 for Pakistan. Brilliant death bowling!

A single from Iftikhar follows, so 19 off 8 needed now.

Imad fires straight out to cover and is nearly run out!

This will go to the third umpire... he was just back in the crease!

It’s a single, so 18 off seven needed now.

A huge shot up in the air off Iftikhar and it’s taken by Arshdeep Singh, who nearly collides with his team-mate.

20:27 , George Flood

Pakistan now need 21 runs from 12 balls with five wickets in hand.

Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the penultimate over for India...

Overs 18: Pakistan 99-5 (Iftikhar 5, Imad 13)

20:27 , George Flood

A single from Imad Wasim again off Mohammed Siraj.

A straight drive from Iftikhar Ahmed then hits the stumps at the other end!

The Indian fans roar, but that’s a dot ball.

Wait, it’s been given as a no ball!

A free hit now for Iftikhar, who helps himself to two.

Another single to follow, with Imad then cutting away for his own.

A slower bouncer down the leg side from Siraj to Iftikhar is a wide.

Another single yielded to Iftikhar, with a misfield from bowler Siraj allowing another single for Imad.

Overs 17: Pakistan 90-5 (Iftikhar 1, Imad 10)

20:21 , George Flood

Run rate up to nearly 10 an over for Pakistan now.

Imad Wasim ends a captivating over with a single.

Pakistan now need 30 runs from 18 balls to win.

A tough task!

WICKET! Shadab Khan (4) - caught by Rishabh Pant, bowled by Hardik Pandya (Pakistan 88-5 after 16.3 overs)

20:17 , George Flood

Hardik Pandya with the ball in his hands for India.

Imad Wasim gets himself another single to start, with Shadab Khan then finding the ideal gap to run for two.

Shadab then straight up into the air off the short ball and TAKEN by Rishabh Pant!

The momentum feels like it has seriously shifted in this game as Iftikhar Ahmed comes to the middle.

Pakistan need 32 from 21 with five wickets remaining.

Overs 16: Pakistan 85-4 (Shadab 2, Imad 8)

20:13 , George Flood

Back to the spin of Axar Patel for India, with Shadab Khan needling his way to a second single after a first dot ball.

Imad Wasim tries to go big again twice in a row but gets his timing wrong both times.

He’s almost outfoxed for a third ball in a row! Lovely bowling from Axar Patel.

Imad ends the over by finally swiping away for a single.

Only two runs off the over for Pakistan, who now need 35 from 24 for victory with six wickets still in hand.

Overs 15: Pakistan 83-4 (Shadab 1, Imad 7)

20:10 , George Flood

Pakistan are now on real edge as Shadab Khan joins Imad Wasim in the middle.

The atmosphere is really picking up again in New York.

Bumrah asking more questions with a couple of dot balls before a quick and risky single to get Shadab off the mark.

Imad picks out a gap on the off side to claim a couple, with nothing off the final ball as he drives straight to the fielder.

WICKET! Mohammad Rizwan (31) - bowled by Jasprit Bumrah (Pakistan 80-4 after 14.1 overs)

20:06 , George Flood

Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack for India... AND GETS AN IMMEDIATE WICKET!

And it’s the big one of Mohammad Rizwan!

He’s bowled all ends up a by a beauty of a 143kmph inswinger that makes a mess of the stumps.

That could be a massive, massive moment for India.

Overs 14: Pakistan 80-3 (Rizwan 31, Imad 5)

20:03 , George Flood

A leg bye to open the latest over from Arshdeep Singh, who then watches on in horror as Imad Wasim goes for the big strike and gets a thick edge that races away to the boundary for four.

The fit-again all-rounder is off and running.

A dot ball is followed by a single from Imad, with Rizwan moving onto 31 with one of his own.

Imad goes for another big shot and almost chops onto his own stumps.

Overs 13: Pakistan 73-3 (Rizwan 30, Imad 0)

19:59 , George Flood

A couple of dot balls from Hardik Pandya to follow the wicket, Imad Wasim then swinging rather wildly and almost catching the inside edge.

He picks out the fielder with the final ball of the over and is yet to get off the mark after four deliveries.

19:56 , George Flood

Pakistan are sending in Imad Wasim next in a bid to regather some control...

WICKET! Fakhar Zaman (13) - caught by Rishabh Pant, bowled by Hardik Pandya

19:56 , George Flood

Rizwan poaches an early single off Hardik Pandya.

The aggressive Fakhar Zaman then comes down the pitch to try and attack a short ball, but he only succeeds in lofting it high and behind, where keeper Rishabh Pant makes a superb catch.

Unlucky No13 again for Pakistan, who now need 47 runs from 46 balls for a momentous victory...

Overs 12: Pakistan 72-2 (Rizwan 29, Fakhar 13)

19:52 , George Flood

Fakhar Zaman punishes a very disappointing delivery from Arshdeep Singh, finding the fence for four to keep the boundaries flowing.

A dot ball is followed by another Fakhar single, with Rizwan then forced onto the back foot to defend a fuller, straighter ball.

Rizwan then lucky another thick inside edge that bounces down and clears the wickets.

He finishes the over by crashing to the leg side for a single.

Overs 11: Pakistan 66-2 (Rizwan 28, Fakhar 8)

19:49 , George Flood


The ultra-talented, big-hitting Fakhar Zaman starts with a single, followed by another from Rizwan, before launching into a massive six to get Pakistan’s momentum back up and running.

Brilliant movement as he wallops it some 90metres down the ground!

WICKET! Usman Khan (13) - bowled lbw by Axar Patel (Pakistan 57-2 after 10.1 overs)

19:46 , George Flood

India turn to another spinner now after drinks in Axar Patel, who thinks he has Usman Khan trapped LBW first ball!

The original decision on the field is not out, but Rohit Sharma gambles on the review... AND GETS HIS REWARD!

My word how India needed that.

In comes Fakhar Zaman...

Overs 10: Pakistan 57-1 (Rizwan 27, Usman 13)

19:40 , George Flood

Singles for both batsmen off Ravindra Jadeja as this useful partnership continues to build.

A trio of dot balls follow from the spinner as Mohammad Rizwan rightly bails on a run.

He then lofts away a lovely shot that bounces through for four.

Overs 9: Pakistan 51-1 (Rizwan 22, Usman 12)

19:38 , George Flood

A change of ends for Hardik Pandya.

A bizarre sequence there as Usman Khan tries a very ill-advised run and tussles with Hardik Pandya before almost being run out by the bowler!

Aggressive stuff then from Usman Khan as he steps into a powerful drive that flies away for four.

He’s growing in confidence now as he smashes away again and picks up another couple.

Another single follows, taking Pakistan to 50 for their innings.

Mohammad Rizwan gets a single off the last ball of the over.

Pakistan are controlling the tempo of this chase very nicely indeed.

Not thrilling stuff, but it doesn’t have to be.

Nine wickets in hand and cruising at the moment.

Overs 8: Pakistan 42-1 (Rizwan 20, Usman 5)

19:33 , George Flood

Spinner Ravindra Jadeja bowling for India now, beginning with a single allowed to Usman Khan.

A dot ball follows before another swift single, this time for Mohammad Rizwan.

Usman Khan knocks away for another, before wisely sending Mohammad Rizwan back to his crease.

Mohammad Rizwan ends the over with another single after beating the diving fielder with the drive.

Overs 7: Pakistan 38-1 (Rizwan 18, Usman 3)

19:30 , George Flood

Mohammed Siraj is testing Usman Khan now, trying to coax the mistake from Pakistan’s No3.

He knocks away for a single to put Mohammad Rizwan back on strike in the New York sunshine.

He picks up another single and is left limping a little bit while also still being bothered by that finger knock as he removes his glove.

Mohammed Siraj with a veering delivery that almost takes the edge of Usman Khan, who ends with another single.

Only three runs off the over.

Overs 6: Pakistan 35-1 (Rizwan 17, Usman 1)

19:26 , George Flood

Hardik Pandya is into the India attack now and a couple of initial dot balls are followed by a massive six from Mohammad Rizwan!

A fine way to answer back from Pakistan.

He then notches another single before being caught painfully on the hand by that latest delivery. He’ll need a bit of treatment.

Pakistan pick up a wide before Usman Khan gets off the mark with a quick single.


Overs 5: Pakistan 26-1 (Rizwan 10, Usman 0)

19:20 , George Flood

A delicious spell of bowling from Jasprit Bumrah, who almost finds that edge of Usman Khan once again with the final ball of his second over.

A crucial period in this game coming up...

WICKET! Babar Azam (13) - caught by Suryakumar Yadav, bowled by Jasprit Bumrah

19:19 , George Flood

Single, dot followed by a peach of a four from Babar Azam.

Now his edge is snaffled in the slips by Suryakumar Yadav!

But was that a catch? It’s referred to the third umpire... YES IT IS!

A huge breakthrough for India as Pakistan’s influential skipper departs.

Usman Khan in at No3 for Pakistan and Bumrah almost finds his edge straightaway!

Overs 2: Pakistan 15-0 (Rizwan 5, Babar 8)

19:15 , George Flood

Mohammed Siraj is now bowling for India and he’s immediately hit for four down the ground by Babar Azam, whose brilliant drive goes past the dive of the despairing fielder.

The Pakistan captain then helps himself to a quick single to follow.

Muhammad Rizwan is straightened up by a low, swinging delivery from Mohammed Siraj that almost takes the edge! A beauty.

India fielding sharply early on here to deny Mohammad Rizwan again.

It’s three dot balls in a row after five runs from the first two deliveries of the over.

Mohammed Siraj stops a straight shot from Mohammad Rizwan and then tries to run him out - I think he’s hit him in the process!

Overs 3: Pakistan 19-0 (Rizwan 8, Babar 9)

19:14 , George Flood

Muhammad Rizwan picks up a couple to start the third over.

A dot ball follows from Jasprit Bumrah before Mohammad Rizwan tries to open up with a huge strike but gets his timing wrong.

Now he flicks it out towards the boundary, where Shivam Dube drops an absolute sitter! Oh dear.

He gets a single after the biggest of reprieves.

No run off the final ball of the over. What a missed opportunity for a key early breakthrough for India.

Overs 4: Pakistan 21-0 (Rizwan 9, Babar 9)

19:14 , George Flood

Another Pakistan reprieve of sorts there, this time for Babar Azam as his straight shot flies over the head and outstretched arms of bowler Mohammed Siraj.

Three dot balls from Siraj with a leg bye in the middle.

Another dot as he does well to restrain these understandably cautious Pakistan openers, with Mohammad Rizwan playing into the gap for a single off the final ball of the over.

Overs 1: Pakistan 9-0 (Rizwan 4, Babar 3)

18:59 , George Flood

Muhammad Rizwan finds the space with the first strike of the chase, leading to three runs straightaway.

Captain Babar Azam does exactly the same off the next delivery.

Muhammad Rizwan then gets lucky with a thick inside edge that bounces clear of the wickets and away, allowing a single.

There’s a wide from Arshdeep Singh, followed by a straighter delivery that is dug away by Muhammad Rizwan.

Another dot ball follows from Arshdeep Singh, with some sharp fielding from Virat Kohli making it three in a row.

Nine off the first over of the chase then for Pakistan.

Pakistan chasing 120 for huge T20 World Cup win

18:55 , George Flood

Here we go then with the chase in New York!

Muhammad Rizwan and Babar Azam the openers for Pakistan, left-arm seamer Arshdeep Singh bowling first for India.

The sun is now beating down, with no more threat of rain and the pitch having now dried out significantly.

18:53 , George Flood

So Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf with three wickets apiece for Pakistan, both for 21 runs (Haris in one fewer over).

2-23 from four overs from Mohammad Amir, with the other dismissal claimed by Shaheen Shah Afridi.

Rishabh Pant the best of the India batsmen with 42, with only Axar Patel (20) and Rohit Sharma (13) joining him in double figures.

A really disappointing innings from India, all things considered.

Pakistan must be confident of chasing this down successfully for a huge win over their fiercest rivals...

WICKET! Arshdeep Singh (9) - run out (India post total of 119)

18:42 , George Flood

A late swipe falls just short of the fielder before a mix-up between Arshdeep Singh and Mohammed Siraj sees the former run out to end the India innings.

They are bowled out for 119 with an over remaining.

A really good effort from Pakistan, particularly after India had looked to fight back so impressively after losing both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma early.

18:40 , George Flood

Just one more wicket needed from Pakistan then to end this India innings that has tailed off so dramatically.

But they are getting a bit nervous and giddy in the field again, giving up too many runs with some errant throws.

We saw the same in that seismic shock against the USA on Thursday.

Mohammed Siraj tries to scoop behind off Shaheen Afridi but can’t pull it off.

He tries it again and the ball goes straight through to Muhammad Rizwan, with an appeal going up.

It’s not given but Babar Azam decides to review.

No bat there and it’s not out.

Overs 18: India 113-9 (Siraj 1, Arshdeep 9)

18:35 , George Flood

Another tremendous over for Pakistan, ending in a single to get Mohammed Siraj off the mark.

Haris Rauf went for the yorker with his hat-trick ball but couldn’t quite find the mark.

WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah (0) - caught by Imad Wasim, bowled by Haris Rauf (India 112-9 after 17.5 overs)

18:34 , George Flood

Two in two again for Pakistan!

A golden duck for Bumrah as he works a tough delivery straight into the grateful hands of Imad Wasim.

Pakistan are really enjoying themselves now. Haris Rauf now on a hat-trick...

WICKET! Hardik Pandya (7) - caught by Iftikhar Ahmed, bowled by Haris Rauf (India 112-8 after 17.4 overs)

18:32 , George Flood

A short first ball from Haris Rauf is manoeuvred away nicely for four by Hardik Pandya.

A dot ball follows before some tremendous fielding from a diving Shadab Khan out on the boundary then saves two runs.

Another key Indian wicket falls as Iftikhar Ahmed takes a lovely catch on the boundary to thwart Hardik Pandya!

WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja (0) - caught by Imad Wasim, bowled by Mohammad Amir (India 96-7 after 14.2 overs)

18:28 , George Flood

Two in two and India are falling apart!

It’s a duck for Ravindra Jadeja as the ball pops up and straight to Imad Wasim, who makes no mistake.

Hat-trick ball coming up for Mohammad Amir...


Overs 17: India 106-7 (Hardik 1, Arshdeep 9)

18:27 , George Flood

Arshdeep Singh confidently leathers Mohammad Amir’s first delivery over the fielder and away for four, India’s first boundary for some time.

A dot ball follows before Arshdeep Singh is then hurt facing a bouncer, with the ball deflecting off his bat but not carrying through despite the stretching keeper’s best efforts.

Muhammad Rizwan with the gloves for Pakistan.

Arshdeep Singh responds with a lofted strike that allows him to scramble for two more.

He then goes big-shot hunting but a wild swipe produces an edge that bounces before going through to Muhammad Rizwan.

He tries another with his stumps initially unguarded before moving across, but misses it completely.

Another good over for Mohammad Amir.

Overs 16: India 100-7 (Hardik 1, Arshdeep 3)

18:22 , George Flood

An initial dot ball for Naseem Shah, before Arshdeep Singh cleverly needles away for another single.

Hardik Pandya is finally off the mark with a quick single of his own off his eighth delivery.

A furious bouncer from Naseem Shah then looks to unsettle Arshdeep Singh, flying past his head.

A slow, full delivery is then dug out by a frustrated Arshdeep Singh for no run.

The over ends with another single for Arshdeep Singh to bring up India’s century.

Overs 16: India 100-7 (Hardik 1, Arshdeep 3)

18:22 , George Flood

An initial dot ball for Naseem Shah, before Arshdeep Singh cleverly needles away for another single.

Hardik Pandya is finally off the mark with a quick single of his own off his eighth delivery.

A furious bouncer from Naseem Shah then looks to unsettle Arshdeep Singh, flying past his head.

A slow, full delivery is then dug out by a frustrated Arshdeep Singh for no run.

The over ends with another single for Arshdeep Singh to bring up India’s century.

Overs 15: India 97-7 (Hardik 0, Arshdeep 1)

18:17 , George Flood

Arshdeep Singh successfully avoids the hat-trick, fending off the first ball before nudging away the next for a single.

A wise leave there from Hardik Pandya, with another dot ball to finish a sensational over from Mohammad Amir.

WICKET! Rishabh Pant (42) - caught by Babar Azam, bowled by Mohammad Amir (India 96-6 after 14.1 overs)

18:13 , George Flood

Pakistan get the big wicket of Rishabh Pant!

A really bad time for India to lose him as he’s coaxed into a poor shot off Mohammad Amir that is taken by captain Babar Azam.

Overs 14: India 96-5 (Hardik 0, Pant 42)

18:11 , George Flood

Hardik Pandya with an aggressive start as he tries to go big straightaway to get India firing once again.

But he’s being well contained by Naseem Shah, who has three straight dot balls to follow that wicket.

He appeals for the edge off Hardik Pandya with a fast ball down the leg side, but it’s initially given as a wide.

Now changed to a no ball! It’s a free hit now for Hardik, who swings wildly and misses.

WICKET! Shivam Dube (3) - caught and bowled by Naseem Shah (India 95-5 after 13.2 overs)

18:07 , George Flood

An initial single for Rishabh Pant before Naseem Shah has Shivam Dube caught and bowled with the second delivery of the 14th over!

After a great fightback from India, Pakistan are now putting a big squeeze on once again...

Overs 13: India 94-4 (Dube 3, Pant 41)

18:05 , George Flood

Imad Wasim is starting to turn it nicely now, providing one dot ball amid a succession of three successive singles.

Rishabh Pant goes for a big reverse but gets the under-edge and it’s a leg bye.

Just four runs from another decent over for Pakistan.

Overs 12: India 90-4 (Dube 1, Pant 40)

18:02 , George Flood

Pakistan as a team are fired up now as Shivam Dube joins Rishabh Pant in the middle.

Haris Rauf with four dot balls to go along with that wicket of Suryakumar Yadav, probing and asking real questions.

Almost a wicket maiden, but he gives up a single to Shivam Dube with the final ball of the over.

WICKET! Suryakumar Yadav (7) - bowled by Haris Rauf, caught by Mohammad Amir (India 89-4 after 11.2 overs)

17:59 , George Flood

Haris Rauf with an appeal off the first ball of the 12th over, the ball thundering into the pad of Suryakumar Yadav.

However, that was missing by a mile and captain Babar Azam again wisely chooses not to appeal.

Now Suryakumar Yadav lofts one straight to Mohammad Amir, who is fired up as he takes the catch and then hurls the ball into the deck!

Overs 11: India 89-3 (Suryakumar 7, Pant 40)

17:56 , George Flood

Imad Wasim resumes for Pakistan, giving up a couple of singles to start.

Rishabh Pant is then undone by a skidding delivery that flies under him, before a stylish reverse swipe crashes away for four.

Pant with another single to reach 40 off 27 deliveries, partnership on 30 from 20.

Imad Wasim can’t take in a straight shot from Suryakumar Yadav and it’s another single to finish the over.

17:53 , George Flood

This is becoming the Rishabh Pant show in New York...


Overs 10: India 81-3 (Suryakumar 5, Pant 34)

17:50 , George Flood

Haris Rauf now into the bowling for Pakistan.

An initial dot ball is followed by an easy lofted four for Rishabh Pant, who then bizarrely/brilliantly scoops behind on the dive and gets another four.

A reverse slap shot, are we calling that?

Rishabh Pant is really feeling himself now as he confidently dispatches another four, this one a nonchalant flick that flies to the fence behind once more.

A dangerous short delivery from Haris Rauf is then well fended away by the man of the moment, who has a single.

A lovely ball to finish the over almost coaxes the outside edge.

Halfway through the innings and India are 81-3.

Overs 9: India 68-3 (Suryakumar 5, Pant 21)

17:44 , George Flood

The fit-again spinner Imad Wasim is into the attack for Pakistan now, with an initial wide.

He then draws a thick top edge off Rishabh Pant, who gets yet another reprieve as Usman Khan can’t make the diving catch.

It goes for a single instead, with another to follow before two back-to-back dot balls from Imad.

A slow-moving outfield then allows Rishabh Pant to fire and run for two, with an uncertain drive then falling just short of the fielder coming up from long-off.

Overs 8: India 62-3 (Suryakumar 4, Pant 17)

17:41 , George Flood

Suryakumar Yadav comes in with confidence with a lovely straight drive down the ground for four to settle India back down.

WICKET! Axar Patel (20) - bowled by Naseem Shah (India 58-3 after 7.4 overs)

17:39 , George Flood

Naseem Shah gives up a single to Rishabh Pant before two dot balls and then a wicket!

Axar Patel has played very well so far here, but he’s now cleaned up comprehensively.

Pakistan needed to break up that partnership and have done so with a peach of a delivery that rocketed into middle stump.

Axar Patel went for the big swing and missed it completely.

Overs 7: India 57-2 (Axar 20, Pant 16)

17:34 , George Flood

Iftikhar Ahmed is into the Pakistan attack, giving up a single in between two dot balls as he finds the pad of Rishabh Pant.

More movement around the sight screen causes a brief delay.

An inside edge onto his own thigh from Rishabh Pant, who then tries to tee off to the leg side but can’t properly get hold of it. It’s a wide anyway.

Rishabh Pant knocks for another single before Axar Patel delivers a delicious straight shot straight down the ground and away for four.

Overs 6: India 50-2 (Axar 15, Pant 15)

17:30 , George Flood

Mohammad Amir resumes for Pakistan, with his first ball for Rishabh Pant flicking up off the toe of the bat before flying past the slip fielder and away for four.

A top edge from Rishabh Pant then goes high into the sky, but a racing Usman Khan cannot hold onto it for his second catch of the innings. That was a tough, tough chance.

Axar Patel is beaten all ends up by Mohammad Amir before working his way for a single.

Rishabh Pant continues to push his luck to bring up India’s 50, with a thick inside edge flying behind and away for another fortunate four.

He gets another edge on the final ball of the over, but it doesn’t carry through to the keeper.

Overs 5: India 38-2 (Axar 14, Pant 4)

17:24 , George Flood

Axar Patel gets a somewhat fortunate stroke off the underside of the bat that races away for four.

He then blasts Afridi for six! That was a poor delivery.

A single to follow from Axar, with Pant then striking along the floor and straight to the fielder stationed at midwicket.

Someone moving in front of the sight screen forces Pant to step aside as Afridi has to abort his run-up late.

A better length from Afridi brings up just a single for Pant, before some very good running gives Axar two to end the over.

Overs 4: India 24-2 (Axar 1, Pant 3)

17:18 , George Flood

A lovely firm flick from Pant is well-stopped from reaching the rope, but there will still be three for India there.

Amir is getting the ball to swing early on here, veering away menacingly from the uncertain swing of Axar Patel two balls in a row. Lovely bowling.

And another! So close to a nick from Axar as Amir continues to swing it brilliantly at a perfect length.

He ducks to fend the last ball of the over away for a single - Axar is on the board.

17:14 , George Flood

Mohammad Amir into the bowling now for Pakistan...

Overs 3: India 20-2 (Axar 0, Pant 0)

17:13 , George Flood

A wide from Afridi there before Axar Patel tries to get his eye in early on, coming in at No4.

No runs for either Axar or Pant just yet. A brilliant over for Pakistan.

WICKET! Rohit Sharma (13) - bowled by Afridi, caught by Rauf (India 19-2 after 2.4 overs)

17:11 , George Flood

Afridi has the bit between his teeth now after that poor first over, with the bounce and angles asking all sorts of questions of Sharma on strike.

Three dot balls in a row, with an edge not carrying through to the slip fielder.

He goes for another huge six to the leg side, but this time there’s a man on the boundary!

Haris Rauf with a simple catch in the deep and India have now lost both influential openers early on here.

Just the start Pakistan wanted...

Overs 2: India 19-1 (Sharma 13, Pant 0)

17:07 , George Flood

Lovely line and length from Naseem, boosted by that Kohli wicket.

He nearly coaxes the edge from No3 Rishabh Pant but a fuller, straighter delivery is then whipped away for four by the wily Sharma.

The India skipper ends the over with a nudge for a single.

WICKET! Virat Kohli (4) - bowled by Naseem, caught by Usman (India 12-1 after 1.3 overs)

17:03 , George Flood

A beautiful cover drive from Kohli makes its way through the slow outfield and away to the fence for four.

Naseem then finds a better length for no run, before Kohli slashes straight to the fielder - Usman Khan - at point!

Just the huge early breakthrough that Pakistan needed.

Back underway after latest rain delay

17:01 , George Flood

The teams are back out on the field once again in New York with the rain having stopped.

The skies overhead still look ominously dark, but for now we’re underway once more.

India resume on 8-0 after just one over, with Naseem Shah to bowl at Virat Kohli...

16:42 , George Flood

Shaheen Afridi will be sick of the sight of Rohit Sharma.

The way he smashed that six with such minimal fuss was true enduring class.

Per Mazher Arshad, he’s the first batsman ever to hit Afridi for six in the first over of the innings in a T20I, having achieved the same feat in ODIs in the Asian Cup last year.

16:34 , George Flood

This is looking like the heaviest rain of the day so far as it hammers down at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium with the covers back on.

Those are some very dark clouds above the ground.

Fingers crossed it clears and we still get a real spectacle here.

Teams go off for rain after just one over

16:28 , George Flood

A frustratingly short-lived start to the game as the rain again falls and the teams go off with just one solitary over on the board.

Hopefully they will be back out very soon.

Overs 1: India 8-0 (Sharma 8, Kohli 0)

16:27 , George Flood

Sharma eases one to the leg side and picks up two runs straightaway, with the ball travelling so slowly in that wet outfield.

The second pacey delivery is fended away for no run, but the third is blasted high over the rope for six! What a shot from Sharma!

A better ball from Afridi follows, with Sharma knocking it away for no run.

Pakistan then appeal strongly for LBW, with Afridi seeming very confident.

But skipper Babar Azam knows there was a thick edge onto the pad there and rightly does not waste a review.

India vs Pakistan

16:20 , George Flood

India openers Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli are out in the middle.

Shaheen Shah Afridi will bowl the first over for Pakistan, hunting an early breakthrough.

Captain Sharma to take the first ball...

Here come the teams in New York as rain clears

16:15 , George Flood

Finally the rain has cleared and here come the teams to a raucous reception at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium!

We’ll be underway at last after the national anthems...

New start time after latest rain delays

16:06 , George Flood

It sounds like we could be underway in about 15 minutes’ time, provided the weather holds off.

That would be 4:20pm BST, 11:20am ET, 8:50pm IST and 8:20pm PKT.

15:54 , George Flood

It’s a star-studded affair as expected in New York, with plenty of A-list guests from the world of cricket and beyond.

Top of that list are India icon Sachin Tendulkar and ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle...

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(Getty Images)

Rain delays start in New York

15:46 , George Flood

Official word now that the start of this match has been delayed once more with the covers back on.

But the television broadcast confirm that the rain is now stopping and the clouds clearing, so fingers crossed that we will be underway soon.

Pakistan win toss and will field first

15:44 , George Flood

Pakistan have won the toss and Babar Azam confirms they will bowl first due to the moisture on the pitch.

The right decision, surely.

Ravi Shastri doing a great job of building the hype as ever!

15:42 , George Flood

It’s raining again in New York unfortunately.

No word on if we will have another delay just yet.

Fit-again Imad Wasim in for Pakistan with India unchanged

15:38 , George Flood

Babar Azam also confirms the expected Pakistan change, with fit-again all-rounder Imad Wasim replacing Azam Khan.

India counterpart Rohit Sharma confirms that he would also have elected to field first if he’d won the toss.

India are unchanged from their eight-wicket demolition of Ireland at this same ground on Wednesday.

 (Bradley Collyer/PA Wire)
(Bradley Collyer/PA Wire)

15:31 , George Flood

Captains Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam are out in the middle.

Here comes the toss...

Covers coming off with delayed toss imminent

15:30 , George Flood

The umpires have been out to assess the surface and the covers are coming off!

Hopefully we’ll have the toss very shortly.

Surely the choice will be to bowl first on this pitch...

New start time confirmed after rain delay

15:27 , George Flood

Now confirmation that the delayed toss will be at 10:30am ET, which is 3:30pm BST, 8pm IST and 7:30pm PKT.

Play will start at 11am ET, 4pm BST, 8:30pm IST and 8pm PKT.

So a delay of just half an hour.

A reminder there is an extra 90 minutes if we need it, so hopefully a full game ahead.


Rohit Sharma: India cannot rely too heavily on individuals

15:16 , George Flood

Virat Kohli joined up late with the India squad for this tournament and got just one solitary run off five balls before being caught while going big-shot hunting against Ireland, where the favourites easily chased down a very modest target of 97 with 46 balls to spare.

It’s led to more debate about whether he should be opening the batting with captain Rohit Sharma or moved back down to No3.

For his part, the skipper does not want to rely too strongly on Kohli to fire India.

"I don't want to rely on one or two individuals to win us the game," Sharma said.

"I think all 11 of us need to contribute.

“Of course, there are key players who are going to play key roles for us but I think everyone needs to chip in whatever they can, however they can in their best possible way.

"[Virat] didn't play the Bangladesh [warm-up] game but he's had enough training under his belt before this game...the kind of experience that he has, playing all over the world, playing in big tournaments, nothing can beat that."

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

15:08 , George Flood

Warm-ups are well underway with the rain having stopped for now...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Toss delayed ahead of India vs Pakistan

15:07 , George Flood

The toss has been delayed in New York.

However, it’s not raining anymore so hopefully the delay will be very short.

India coach Rahul Dravid set to step down after T20 World Cup

15:01 , George Flood

India are of course coached across all formats by legendary former captain Rahul Dravid, whose contract after this tournament expires.

He recently confirmed that he would not be re-applying for the position after it was advertised by the BCCI.

"Unfortunately, the kind of schedules and where I find myself at this stage in my life, I don't think I'll be able to reapply," Dravid said.

"I love doing the job. I've really enjoyed coaching India and I think it's a truly special job to do."

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

14:55 , George Flood

Good news - it sounds like the light rain has stopped in New York and that players from both sides are now out on the field warming up at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

Hopefully we’ll be getting underway on time...

Gary Kirsten: Pakistan players don't need motivating against India

14:53 , George Flood

Speaking to the media ahead of today’s massive clash with India, Pakistan’s new white-ball head coach Gary Kirsten - who only officially started his two-year reign in the recent warm-up series against England - said his side had already “forgotten” that seismic defeat to the USA as they desperately seek to recover their bid to make the Super 8s.

He also said that Pakistan’s players did not need any extra motivation for a game of this magnitude.

“I don't like to harp on history too much,” the South African said.

“We need to make sure we play the best cricket we can now, so we're going to go out there and make sure we do the best that we can with our skill sets, and how we can put pressure on the opposition.

“That's what we would want to do every game, that's certainly how we would plan for every game.

“So it's really up to us to get ourselves up for the game.

“It's a big game, India-Pakistan. There's no need for me to motivate the team any more, they're well motivated, they're focused for this game.

“We've to forget about the last couple of days and just move forward. That's the only way you can deal with life.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Covers on amid pre-match rain in New York

14:38 , George Flood

A little bit of an ominous sign in New York with the covers already on due to some pre-match drizzle.

Let’s hope it passes quickly...


Atmosphere building as India vs Pakistan draws nearer

14:20 , George Flood

The atmosphere is already building brilliantly with just over an hour to go before the action begins in New York.

As expected, both nations are going to be very well represented in the stands this afternoon.


Concerns over pitch dominate India vs Pakistan build-up

14:02 , George Flood

The condition of the pitches in the USA has been a huge talking point in the opening week of this T20 World Cup, none more so than at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium.

India stars Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant both needed treatment after taking painful blows off bouncers against Ireland amid excessive seam movement and wildly uneven bounce, with former England coach Andy Flower describing the surfaces as “bordering on dangerous.”

Former England captain Michael Vaughan said it was “unacceptable” for players to be sent out to play on the “sub-standard surface”, which was grown in Florida and driven more than 1,000 miles to the temporary ground in New York before being dropped in only around three weeks ago.

Sri Lanka-South Africa and India-Ireland were both very low-scoring games on this ground, not the sort of entertainment that tournament chiefs will have hoped for.

Let’s hope there’s been a significant improvement brought about by ground staff in recent days, though South Africa-Netherlands was very close but also notably low-scoring.

In fact, debutants Canada’s 137-7 posted in their 12-run win over Ireland on Friday was the highest score at the ground so far.

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(Getty Images)

Large security operation in force on Long Island

13:44 , George Flood

A sizeable security operation is in force around the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium today, to ensure that such a high-stakes occasion where emotions are sure to be running high passes off successfully without incident.


Risk of rain for India vs Pakistan in New York

13:38 , George Flood

We certainly hope that the weather won’t spoil what should be a memorable occasion today, but there is the real threat of rain in New York.

There are wind and showers forecast for Long Island - where it’s currently just past 8:30am - in the morning, followed by plenty of cloud.

This game is due to start at 10:30am local time (8:30pm IST and 7:30pm PKT), so there seems a real risk at this stage of the conditions affecting play.

Please don’t let it be a washout!

Pakistan team news: Imad Wasim back available

13:23 , George Flood

Pakistan have received a fitness boost of their own for this afternoon’s high-profile clash.

All-rounder Imad Wasim has been passed fit to play against India, having missed the shock Super Over defeat by the USA with a suspected rib injury.

Such an issue also saw Imad miss the final game of Pakistan’s warm-up series against England last week.

However, the 35-year-old - who reversed his retirement from international cricket in March - is now available again, per South African head coach Gary Kirsten.

Imad should come back into the Pakistan lineup this afternoon at the expense of Azam Khan.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

India team news: Rohit Sharma fit after injury scares

13:15 , George Flood

Influential captain Rohit Sharma is fit to play for India today after suffering a couple of different injury scares this week.

He was initially forced to retire hurt on 52 during India’s easy chase against Ireland on Wednesday, having been hit on the upper arm by a bouncer from Josh Little.

Veteran opener Sharma was then struck on the thumb when batting against throwdown specialist Nuwan Seneviratne in the nets at Cantiague Park, reportedly leading to a complaint being submitted by the Official Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) over the condition of their practice pitches.

However, India’s skipper is ready to feature as usual this afternoon.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch India vs Pakistan

13:08 , George Flood

TV channel: Today’s game will be broadcast live in the UK on Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Ultra HDR, with coverage beginning at 3pm.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers will also be able to watch on a live stream online via the Sky Go app.

India vs Pakistan live

13:03 , George Flood

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s live coverage of India vs Pakistan at the 2024 T20 World Cup.

One of the biggest games anywhere in world sport rarely fails to disappoint and today’s contest should be no different as favourites India look to build on their opening demolition of Ireland in Group A and their fiercest rivals desperately seek a response to their shock Super Over defeat by co-hosts the United States.

Today’s massive showdown at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium on Long Island in New York, where there have been ongoing concerns over the state of the pitch, begins at 3:30pm BST.

Stay tuned for live updates throughout the day!

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