Turkish football's contender for worst tackle ever

A Turkish youth game between two of the countries' biggest rivals saw one of the most horrible attempted tackles in recent memory.

Perhaps the only thing more shocking than the late, high and violent challenge was the fact that it was only punished with a yellow card.

The incident happened in the U/17 clash between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, proving it's not just at senior level where the animosity between the clubs is abundantly clear.

Fenerbahce's Gurkan Baaskan somehow avoided a red card despite almost breaking the leg of his opponent, who was dribbling the ball out of his own half at pace.

This brutal tackle rocked the Fenerbahce v Galatasaray U/17 game. Pic: FBTV

Baaskan caught the Galatasaray player on the knee cap with the full force of his studs, before players from both sides raced in to crowd the referee.

Incredibly, Baaskan was allowed to play on with just a caution against his name but justice was served on the scoreline as Galatasaray claimed a 2-0 win.