Horrific eye injury forces end to UFC war

Sultan Aliev is pinned by Jeunesse Arena. Pic: Getty

This one is not for the squeamish.

Seriously. If the thought of a gruesome eye injury suffered during a UFC fight turns your stomach, don’t scroll down.

Russia’s Sultan Aliev stepped into the Octagon at Rio’s Jeunesse Arena on Saturday to take on Brazilian welterweight Warlley Alves in a UFC 224 prelim.

For two rounds, Alves connected on punch after punch to Aliev’s face, prompting doctors to step in and examine Aliev before Round 3.

They had a fairly simple decision, calling the fight a TKO for Alves after examining the extensive damage to Aliev’s bloodied, swollen right eye.

Ok. This is your last warning.

If you’ve chosen to scroll down this far, then gnarly facial injuries are clearly your thing, so here’s another angle.