'This has stuck': Lyon's adorable 'nice Garry' revelation

Australian off-spinner Nathan Lyon has revealed the hilarious moment he knew his nickname 'Garry' had well and truly stuck.

'Niiiiiiice Garry' became the catch-cry of the Australian summer with Aussie wicketkeeper Matthew Wade belting it out nearly every time Lyon bowled the ball.

And Lyon has now spoken out about the moment he realised just how much Wade's words of encouragement had caught on.

"I remember I went up to (daughter) Harper and said 'Dad's got to go to the cricket, I'll see you when Dad gets home tomorrow'. And she goes 'okay, love you, good night … good luck Dad'," Lyon told Fox Sports.

"I said 'Thanks Harper' and she turned around and said 'nice, Garry'.

"I'm like 'right – this has stuck. This is going to go viral'."

Nathan and Harper. Image: Getty
Nathan and Harper. Image: Getty

Lyon says he struggles to go anywhere without being hit with a 'niiiiice Garry'.

"Now I've got young kids saying it from Harper's age to grown men walking past at Pete Nevill's wedding up in Byron Bay on the weekend, just saying 'nice, Garry'," Lyon added.

"There you go, thanks for coming. I've got Matty Wade to thank for that.

"It's good fun. It provides a bit of humour."

Lyon and his family. Image: Getty
Lyon and his family. Image: Getty

The most famous 'nice Garry' moment came in the Boxing Day Test when the MCG crowd attempted to set a world record by belting out the catch-cry in unison.

The plan was to yell it out on the third ball of his first over, until he went and took a wicket.

Instead of a collective 'nice Garry', the result was a massive roar from the 40,000 in attendance as Lyon had Pakistan opener Sami Aslam caught at slip.

"I remember walking back to my mark and I had Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood at mid-off and mid-on, and they've just both looked at me and said 'nice, Garry'. I knew it had stuck. I was well aware of that special moment. But I ruined it.

"I was more worried about getting hit for six and everyone yelling out 'nice, Garry', because I was going to say 'it's not really!'."

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