"The Mattress Had A Huge Blood Stain," And 11 Other Shocking Details Revealed In Brittney Griner's Newest Interview About Her Time In A Russian Prison

"The Mattress Had A Huge Blood Stain," And 11 Other Shocking Details Revealed In Brittney Griner's Newest Interview About Her Time In A Russian Prison

Two years ago, WNBA star Brittney Griner was arrested and detained in a Russian prison after airport authorities found cannabis cartridges in her luggage.

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Griner said she had a pain prescription for cannabis due to years of sports injuries that left her constantly sore.

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Griner pleaded guilty to drug charges and was sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison.

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Thankfully, after nine months, the Biden administration negotiated Griner's release from Russia through a highly controversial prisoner swap agreement.

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Recently, Griner gave an exclusive interview to ABC News 20/20 detailing her traumatic experience as an American prisoner in Russia.

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Here are the 12 most shocking revelations we learned:

1.Russia's invasion of Ukraine occurred one week into Griner's detainment.

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"When I found out that the invasion happened, I literally thought I was never coming home," Griner said.


2.Griner said she was brought to a Russian police station and put in a seven-by-seven cell that had one bed and a hole in the ground for a toilet.

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"I had a couple of shirts, a couple pairs of sweats, and the shoes on my feet. One of the shirts, I ripped it up and used one to clean myself, and used one as toilet paper...that was the moment that I just felt the dirtiest and, like, less than a human," Griner said.

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3.Griner was later transferred to IK-1, a Russian prison, and put into a group cell, where the first thing she said she saw was a large knife left behind by guards.

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4.She recalls only being given one roll of toilet paper to last a month, and her toothpaste expired 15 years prior."

"We used to put the [toothpaste] on the black mold to kill the mold on the walls," Griner said.

5.Griner described being left outside for hours by guards during snowy blizzards.

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"Those days were the toughest because it's like, 'Yo, come get us,' we're yelling, we're screaming, we're rattling the bars, like get us in."

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6.After her sentencing, Griner was sent to an IK-2 penal colony, described as "one of the worst prisons in Russia," where her job was to cut fabric for Russian military uniforms.

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"It's a work camp. You go there to work; there's no rest," Griner said. "There were about 50–60 women in my room, one bathroom, three toilets, no hot water."

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7.Griner befriended her cellmate, who translated everything for her.

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"I wouldn't have made it without Alana," Griner said.


8.While in IK-2, Griner said she cut her hair because it was freezing in the Russian cold, causing her to get sick.

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"My dreads started to freeze. They would just stay wet and cold, and I was getting sick. You got to do what you got to do to survive."

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9.After 287 days of detainment, Griner was told she was heading home. Before she left, Griner had to write a letter to Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, to give thanks and ask for forgiveness.

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"I didn't want to do it, but at the same time, I want to come home," Griner said.

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10.Griner said she was forced to take staged prison photos to show that the Russian prison system had "reformed" her.

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"They wanted it to look like I was doing what I needed to do, that their system worked," Griner said.


11.After being told she was going home, Griner said she was put into a van that dropped her off at a men's prison, where she was stripped and searched.

"When I get to this prison, I'm getting processed back in... I get checked into my cell, and I'm there for a couple of days." Griner described a note being slipped to her that read: "Be ready to leave."

12.During the US/Russia prisoner swap, Griner said she shook hands with "The Merchant of Death," Viktor Bout, a Russian arms dealer, who had been a prisoner in the US for 25 years.

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"It felt like I was touching death... He actually spoke to me first and said, 'Congrats on going home,' and he wished me well, and I said the same to him, too," Griner said.


Since her homecoming, Griner has returned to the WNBA and is currently playing for the Phoenix Mercury.

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You can watch Brittney Griner’s full 20/20 interview on Hulu here.