Greyhound ends up in the soup after hare malfunction

There were some crazy scenes during a greyhound race in Britain recently with one dog ending up in the drink with dogs spread all over the track.

The Bunny Bookmakers Gold Cup in Henlow had to be abandoned after the hare cable snapped at the third bend.

Half the dogs stopped when the hare stopped while the others kept racing.

However the No.5, who had temporarily given up the race saw his mates sprinting on to the line and wanted to get in on it.

The hare cable snaps and half the dogs stop. Pic: Oddschecker Facebook

Instead of going round the track the wily mutt took a short cut through the middle of the park, towards the final bend in the track.

Sadly he did not count on or see a large pool of water right near the fence and he ended up trying and failing to leap it, going face first into the soup.

The No.5's failed leap to rejoin the race. Pic: Oddschecker Facebook

Watch the video above and wait for the end.

None of the dogs were injured in the race.