Amazing footage of crazy Icelandic commentator emerges

Gummi Ben has taken the football world by storm with his incredible commentary, and fans can now put a face to the iconic voice.

An amazing video has emerged showing the Icelandic commentator's crazy celebrations after is countrymen sent England packing from Euro 2016 with a shock win.

Ben - real name Gudmundur Benediktsson - has become a household name due to his incredible reactions to Iceland's unlikely run to the Euro quarter finals.

As you can see in the video above (now with subtitles), Ben gives the Pommies a piece of his mind as former England player Martin Keown looks on in dismay.

Image: Instagram

"This is done! This is done! We are never going home! Did you see that?!" he screams.

"Amazing! I can't believe it! This is a dream. Never wake me from this amazing dream!

"Live the way you want England. Iceland is going to play France on Sunday. France Iceland! You can go home"