Gorden Tallis hits out at Reece Walsh backlash amid Origin fallout

The Origin great has weighed-in on the backlash facing the Maroons fullback.

Reece Walsh reacts during a game and Walsh speaks to the referee.
Gorden Tallis has weighed-in on the Reece Walsh (pictured left) saga and claimed the referee is the only one that determine if the fullback swore at him. (Images: Getty Images/Fox Sports)

Maroons great Gorden Tallis has claimed Reece Walsh should only miss Origin if the referee believes he swore at him following an ugly outburst on the weekend. Walsh has caused more controversy in the rugby league world after his expletive-laden outburst in the Broncos' loss on the weekend saw his team marched 10 metres.

A debate has ensued on who the outburst was directed at with fans alleging it was towards the referee, which is why he was marched 10m. Walsh and captain Adam Reynolds claimed it was directed at a teammate.

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Regardless, the NRL have called for Walsh to face the judiciary after the referee's microphone picked up the ugly spray. Many are calling for Walsh to miss Game III of State of Origin for the outburst, which follows the fullback being sent off for a headbutt in Game II.

Walsh can't stay out of the headlines for his behaviour and Tallis was one that admitted the youngster needs to slow down after his Origin hype. Speaking on NRL 360 Tallis responded to Buzz Rothfield's suggestion Walsh will be receiving a ban for his behaviour.

Tallis admitted he liked when Walsh 'grabbed his jersey' in pride after being sent-off in Origin because it added to the theatre. But, Tallis felt Walsh was frustrated during the Broncos' loss and he couldn't get too big for his boots.

"He was frustrated. I am only going to go on the referee here. That's it. That's final...He's got to tone it down." Rothfield admitted Walsh was learning as a superstar of the game, but he didn't have an excuse to behave in that matter. Tallis agreed.

Gorden Tallis speaks to the media.
Gorden Tallis (pictured) has weighed-in on the Reece Walsh swearing incident. (Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images) (Mark Evans via Getty Images)

However, Tallis also claimed Walsh should only be banned from Origin if the referee was certain the tirade was directed at him. When Rothfield said he should be suspended, Tallis hit back.

"The referee wasn't 100 per cent sure. For swearing on the footy field? That'll do me," Tallis said.

While Walsh has denied the accusation the outburst was directed at the referee, Anasta raised the point that if the team was marched 10 metres for the indiscretion, the referee must have thought it was aimed at him.

"Well he marched him 10 so he knows he said it to him. Are we going to sit here and act like he didn't say it to the referee?" Anasta added. "I think he is better off owning it. You get frustrated during games and say stupid things...just own it."

Adam Reynolds defends Reece Walsh

On Monday morning the NRL confirmed Walsh would go to the judiciary over the incident, but both Reynolds and Walsh have both taken to social media after the game to deny the tirade was directed at the referee. Reynolds was the first to post under a video of the incident and clarified what he thought went down.

"Show the full clip," Reynolds said under a Fox Sports video of the incident. "Was talking to a player on the other team."

Reece Walsh celebrates.
Reece Walsh (pictured) could miss Game III of State of Origin. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images) (Chris Hyde via Getty Images)

"I was not taking to the ref, I clearly say that," Walsh added. "Can also see Patty come over and talk to me." Walsh could deem himself fortunate the referee didn't take further action with his teammates also trying to clam him down as they retreated the 10 metres.

Many fans were surprised to see Walsh playing on the weekend after he escaped a ban for a headbutt in the Maroons' win over the Blues in a fiery Origin clash.

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