Golfweek Amateur Tour, Senior Amateur Tour add Srixon as partner

The Golfweek Amateur Tour and Senior Amateur Tour have announced a new partnership with Srixon as the Official OEM partner for both Tours. This collaboration aims to provide Golfweek and Senior Amateur Tour members with the unique opportunity to experience Srixon’s award-winning products, including their premium clubs, balls, and gear trusted by the world’s best players.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be the Official OEM partner for these Tours,” says Mike Powell, president and COO of Srixon. “We love the concept of amateurs being able to enjoy the competitive spirit of the game, just like the best players in the world. We believe this partnership will greatly benefit the golfing community and contribute to the growth of the sport.”

With over 6,450 members nationwide, the Golfweek Amateur Tour has firmly established itself as a platform for amateur golfers of all skill levels and ages. Offering over 775 tournaments annually, the Tour provides a competitive, yet friendly environment for golf enthusiasts to compete for trophies and prizes via flighted, stroke play tournaments.

Similarly, the Senior Amateur Tour, open to individuals aged 50 and above starting October 1, 2024, boasts a membership of over 2,400 individuals who participate in over 350 tournaments each year.

Both Amateur Golf Tours offer events at premiere locations, including Regionals, and utilize live/online scoring to enhance the overall experience for participants. The pinnacle of the season is at the year-end National Championship Tournament, where the combined field of 1,245 competitors, including 791 Golfweek Amateur Tour members and 434 Senior Amateur Tour members, battled it out over nine courses in a thrilling five-day event last October.

The Tour’s tagline “Where Amateurs play like the Pros,” comes to life during this special event, as golfers from all walks of life compete.

This year, the experience will be further enhanced by the presence of Srixon, which will have representatives on-site at the 2024 National Championships to showcase their exceptional range of products and explain the meaning behind their philosophy.

“Loving the game is what drives you to compete at your best, and what’s driven us to create state-of-the-art equipment for 130 years of athletes just like you,” said Dennis McCormac, president of both the Golfweek Amateur Tour and the Senior Amateur Tour. “We’re excited to kick off the 30th anniversary of the Golfweek Amateur Tour and the 26th season of the Senior Amateur Tour with the introduction of Srixon as our Tours’ official OEM. This partnership enriches the overall Tour experience, provides members with added benefits, and offers opportunities for our members to enhance every facet of their game.”

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek