Golfer's very own Happy Gilmore encounter with croc

Professional golfer Joost Luiten experienced his own Happy Gilmore moment during a terrifying close encounter with a crocodile on a South African course.

The Dutchman posted a series of snaps of the frightening surprise through his social media accounts, although he didn't seem overly fazed by the whole incident.

Luiten was practising for the Nedbank Golf Challenge hosted by Gary Player when he skewed one of his approach shots wide of the green and into the thick terrain.

He may not have technically struck a hazard but you can bet Luiten was far from keen to play his ball from its lie next to the huge South African crocodile.

Luiten's ball nestled next to a huge crocodile. Pic: Instagram

Seeing the funny side of the situation, the Dutchman whipped out his phone to take some photos and a video of the fearsome predator.

Chubbs Peterson lost his hand to an alligator in Happy Gilmore. Source: Youtube

Unlike Chubbs Peterson, who lost a hand to a similar creature in the cult film Happy Gilmore, Luiten escaped the croc encounter without incident.

Thankfully for the croc, the Dutchman didn't go on a Happy-esque wrestling rampage on the cold-blooded killing machine.