Aussie star pans major champion's 'bulls***' cheating excuse

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

Australian golfer Cameron Smith has unleashed on American counterpart Patrick Reed, saying crowds should ‘absolutely give it’ to him during the Presidents Cup.

Reed was accused of cheating during a recent PGA tour event in the Bahamas, after using his club to clear sand from behind his ball while in the bunker.

He was later given a two-stroke penalty for the transgression.

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Despite accepting the penalty, Reed later said he didn’t believe he had improved his lie, blaming the positioning of TV cameras for his predicament.

“It’s unfortunate because even though they weren’t, I wish (the cameras) were actually directly on the side of me, because it was in a pretty good footprint but the footprint was a full footprint,” Reed said.

Smith, when asked about Reed after the final round of the Australian Open on Sunday, was having absolutely none of that explanation.

The world number 52 said Reed’s camera angle excuse was ‘bulls***’ and urged Australian fans to give him a lesson in sportsmanship.

Australian golfer Cameron Smith has slammed the behaviour of American counterpart Patrick Reed. (Photo by Speed Media/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“If you make a mistake maybe once you can maybe understand, but to give a bit of a bull***t response like the camera angle – I mean, that’s pretty up there,” Smith said.

“I hope the crowd absolutely gives it to not only him but everyone (from team America) next week.

“I don’t have any sympathy for anyone that cheats.

“I know Pat pretty well and he’s always been pretty nice to me so I don’t want to say anything bad about him but for anyone that is cheating the rules, I’m not up for that.”

Fellow Aussie pro Marc Leishman described Reed’s actions as ‘pretty ordinary’.