The Golden Tee World Championships are going on in Las Vegas — and the purse is significant

Who among us hasn’t thrown a few quarters in a Golden Tee machine while trying to impress friends with our knowledge of world courses, right?

Well, the stakes are a little higher than the next round of pints this weekend in Las Vegas as the Golden Tee World Championship is being held at The Palms Casino Resort.

The 5-course arcade qualifier begins at 2 p.m. ET and is being streamed live on the Golden Tee YouTube page. 

The prize pool for this year’s event is $160,000. A total of 96 arcade players will compete for today’s cash prize of $35,000, with nine open qualifying spots available for last-minute hopefuls.

“We expect this to be a landmark year for the Golden Tee World Championships,” Kevin Lindsay, head of amusement marketing Incredible Technologies told RePlay Magazine. “On top of a record prize pool, our team has put a lot of thought into this year’s event, and we know this will set the bar for what players can expect in years to come. Both the game and brand of Golden Tee have a lot of momentum to build upon.”

Last year’s champion, Paul Tayloe, is among those on hand for the festivities.

Story originally appeared on GolfWeek