'Disgusting': Tennis world stunned after rare 'golden match'

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

The tennis world is stunned after one player won all 48 points against his unknown opponent to win a ‘Golden Match’.

A ‘golden match’ rarely occurs in tennis and for good reason, a player must win every point of every game to record a double bagel.

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And this is exactly what occurred in a televised match at the M15 event in Doha.

Thailand’s Krittin Koaykul defeated Ukraine’s Artem Bahmet 6-0, 6-0 and won every point to achieve the incredible feat in 22 minutes.

Bahmet’s level of play had many questioning why he was at an ITF event when he clearly seemed wildly out of his depth.

But when tournaments don’t fill a qualifying draw, they can open it up to paid entrants with an ITF membership or an International Player Identification Number.

But Koaykul probably couldn’t believe his fortune in the first round of qualifying when Bahmet strolled onto the court and nearly just as quickly walked back off.

A rare ‘Golden Match’ occurred at an event in Doha when Thailand’s Krittin Koaykul won every point against Ukraine’s Artem Bahmet.