Global Rating: Who should make the All-NBA Teams?

Just like we did with the All-Star rosters, we’re showing how the All-NBA Teams would look as of today according to Global Rating, an advanced metric that evaluates the performance of every player during the season.

The All-NBA Teams will be updated every day considering the rules regarding positions. Each one will have two guards, two forwards and one center. Just for fun, we’re going deeper and coming up with how a 5th, 8th or 10th All-NBA Team would look like.

All-NBA 1st Team

All-NBA 2nd Team

All-NBA 3rd team

All-NBA 4th Team

All-NBA 5th Team

All-NBA 6th Team

All-NBA 7th Team

All-NBA 8th Team

All-NBA 9th Team

All-NBA 10th Team

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Story originally appeared on HoopsHype