Global Rating: The best players from each draft class

Every year, the NBA draft is a great opportunity to look at the future of the league. Players get selected from No. 1 to No. 60 with one big question in mind: which ones will end up having the bigger impact on the court?

According to Global Rating, these are the best players this season from each NBA draft class – including those who were eligible that year but ended up undrafted.

(RNK: Overall league ranking).

2023 draft

2022 draft

2021 draft

2020 draft

2019 draft

2018 draft

2017 draft

2016 draft

2015 draft

2014 draft

2013 draft

2012 draft

2011 draft

2010 draft

2009 draft

2008 draft

2007 draft

2006 draft

2005 draft

2003 draft

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