Comical coach slammed for truly ridiculous dive

Players are often slammed for diving in football but a coach in the German top division has been forced to apologise after a ridiculous incident.

Bayer Leverkusen coach Heiko Herrlich found himself in the headlines after a theatrical performance against Borussia Monchengladbach that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood.

The two Bundesliga clubs were facing one another in the German Cup when Gladbach midfielder Denis Zakaria ran after a ball that was going out over the sideline.

Herrlich was patrolling the touchline when the opposing player swerved to avoid a collision - gently touching the coach with his hands as he did so.

What happened next can only be described as farcical as the Leverkusen coach belatedly threw himself to the ground as if he'd been forcefully pushed.

Zakaria, like most others in the stadium and fans on social media seemed genuinely perplexed by the coach's antics.

Herrlich apologised for his bizarre display after the match.

"That was stupid. I'd like to apologise," Herrlich told reporters.

Leverkusen ended up winning the match 1-0 but their coach didn't win any supporters with his ludicrous acting.

Herrlich's theatrics certainly brought back memories of former Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal's infamous appeal to the fourth official during a match against Arsenal.