Rugby match descends into chaotic all-in brawl

Georgian rugby clubs Kharebi and Armazi have taken part in one of the biggest all-in brawls seen on a sporting field for years.

The two teams faced off in a Big 10 match last week in Rustavi.

While Armazi won 22-17, it was the massive biff that became the headline.

Just about every player on the field got involved.

During the all-in brawl, one player tried to get involved from the bench. After it, all was well. Pic: YouTube

Reserves and members of the crowd were rushing to the fence to scream at the players, while one substitute even tried to get on the field.

He was pulled down by a teammate and stopped from doing something stupid.

The fight eventually came to a natural end, and as the referees sorted out the mess some players from the two sides came together to shake hands.

Apparently all was well.