Hilarious fail during famous stadium demolition

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The Georgia Dome, a venue that was home to the Atlanta Falcons from 1992-2016 and has hosted countless other sporting and entertainment events over the last 25 years, was demolished on Monday.

After Mercedes-Benz Stadium was built next to the Georgia Dome to serve as its replacement in downtown Atlanta, the famous domed stadium became redundant.

Monday's demolition reportedly required over 2000 kilograms of explosives and six miles of detonating cord.

Seconds before the implosion. Image: Getty

Hundreds of reporters and spectators were on hand for the implosion, and one particular cameraman who has since gone viral.

The Weather Channel was among the media outlets with a camera on hand to livestream the implosion.

Unfortunately, the network's cameraman had some terrible luck.

Just as the massive stadium began to fall, an Atlanta bus pulled up and blocked the spectacle.

Georgia Dome no more. Image: Getty

The timing was ridiculously, hilariously bad.

The video in the player above captures the brilliant moment the cameraman rants at the bus as he misses the implosion.

"No bus! Get out of the way!" he says, followed by plenty of bleeped out language.

Before and after. Image: Weather Channel